Most of us seem to have actually assumed the the Ltd in Ford LTD stands for ‘Limited’. Together in exclusive, minimal production, prestige. Not so, apparently. It seems there’s no definitive answer come the question of what LTD represents in a Ford context. Once reviewing the very first LTD exit in 1965, vehicle Life magazine couldn’t get an answer from Ford, and also so presumed that it stood for nothing.

In Australia, popular opinion points to Lincoln type Design - which is what Ford Australia PR called the regional motoring press. It’s widely thought the regional Ford PR human being simply made the up in the hope the Lincoln prestige would rub turn off on the regional product (Lincolns were never ever sold downunder). Over there are countless who believe otherwise. It seems Ford has actually never developed a definitive statement on the matter, or if castle have, I"ve never ever found mention of it.

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The P6 Australian Ford LTD exit in 1976 - for evident reasons, recognized as the ‘Rolls Royce grille’ model..

A recent post on a Ford forum claimed to see a Ford hubcap in the 1960s through the words Lincoln Thunderbird Design. Another theory has it representing Limited Trim Designation.

Then yes sir the publication Super 60’s Fords which states LTD stands for luxury Trim Decor.


They can’t every be right, and perhaps car Life to be right once they surmised that LTD doesn’t stand for noþeles in particular. It no really issue in the lengthy run - the LTD badge appeared on some pretty cursed cool car not just in the united state but likewise Canada, Brazil, South-East Asia and Australia…and that’s the essential thing.


So as soon as you think that a Ford LTD you can consist of anything you prefer - Luxurious two Door, or Love to Death, but my favourite is living The Dream.

The LTD nameplate lasted from 1965 come 1986 in the USA, when in Australia it soldiered on till 2007 as Ford’s flagship model. Though now lengthy gone, the LTD name is fondly psychic by people throughout the globe for who the LTD is a distinguished, luxurious and stylish car in the good American tradition.

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