The irish language has actually some truly poetic means to tell that distinct someone the you care! but not among the unit volume you will certainly find listed below translates as “I love you” - We irish are recognized for being loquacious!

Mo Anam Cara - translated as "My spirit Mate" or "My soul Friend"

The old Celts thought in a heart that radiated about the body. They thought that when two individuals created a deep and also lasting bond that their souls would mingle. Therefore, every person could be claimed to have discovered their "anam cara", or "soul friend".

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Grá walk Deo - interpreted as "Love Forever" or "Forever Love"

Eternity is an essential theme in Celtic mythology, represented by the infinite celtic knot. Ours celtic knot rings function a wide selection of this eternal designs. Grá go Deo is a romantic expression to adorn any kind of piece that jewelry but works especially well v beautiful celtic node designs.


Grá, Dílseacht, Cairdeas - interpreted as "Love, loyalty & Friendship"

These 3 virtues are celebrated in the heart, hands and crown of Ireland"s famed Claddagh Ring.


Grá Geal Mo Chroí - analyzed as "Shining or glowing Love of mine Heart"

This irish phrase has actually a beloved lightness come it. One can nearly imagine the lover"s heart glowing in sympathy through their partner.

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Continuing Tradition

We have selected this lovely phrases native the irish language to adorn our collection of Gaelic Rings and Jewelry. Irish is an ancient Celtic language and despite famine, emigration and also even bald banning for a time, it proceeds to be spoken to this day. The more quickly written develops of the language to be engraved in Ogham on stand stones and also we continue this legacy today, do lovely irish phrases in sterling silver, gold and platinum.