¡Hola! ns am walking to write in English as my Spanish vocabulary is severely lacking.

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I was watching a movie last night and also one the the characters says (in a an extremely dramatic moment) "no soybean beans yo". Ns looked this up because that a translation and also saw the it means "it is not me" but I would certainly have always used "no es yo" for that expression instead. Have I been wrong this entirety time?

Can i still use "no es yo" or is it always far better to to speak "no soybean beans yo". The 2nd one does not make a a many sense to me since the straight translation is something prefer "I am not me", yet "no soy yo" certainly does sound better.

¡Ayudame porfa!


Sadly for you, the is just how it make feeling in spanish. Girlfriend can't use "no es yo" because the verb doesn't match the person. The only situation when I watch it feasible is if you use another person, like saying "he is not me" = "él no es yo". If you room saying "it is no me", climate you have to do "no soy yo".

To separate "I am no me" and "it is no me", you have the right to use a pronoun: "Yo no soy yo"/"Ése no soybean beans yo".

So if you are trying come say something choose "I am no myself" contrasted to "it is not me" you would usage "ése no soybean beans yo" fairly than "no soy yo"?

Thank you for her help!

The verb ser constantly has to agree with the pronoun you using! “Soy yo” sounds yes, really weird to native English speakers, however that’s exactly how you say “It’s me”. No es yo is no correct in this situation unless you’re trying to say “He/she isn’t me”.

Hope the helps!

I didn't even think about that "yo" to be the object and so whatever fits approximately that. Give thanks to you, the helps a lot!

It's simply something to gain used come in Spanish vs English. An additional example which might help you understand is:

The only person is friend = la única persona eres tú

If noþeles it's slightly an ext logical in Spanish due to the fact that you can never rearrange the sentence to 'you is the only person' in English.

I’m surprised no one has actually told you around “verbos copulativos”: “ser”, “estar” y “parecer”They work in different way from other verbs and you have actually to certainly learn those. Castle verb isn’t complied with by an item rather by what we call an “atributo”

What’s happening right here in “no soy yo” is that the common order is inverted. It would be “Yo no soy ese) “Yo” is subject and also so the verb “soy” in conjugated according to the subject

Also, the difficulty here is the translation. I would interpret it together “I am no him/here/that” or any type of other translation whereby “I” is the subject

I haven't in reality heard the verbos copulativos before, I'll be certain to have a look as it sounds an extremely helpful, those verb are provided a lot. Say thanks to you for this reason much!

If the paper definition is around who is to blame or duty for something ("it's not me, it's his fault"), climate the following way is an extremely common:

No he sido yo; la culpa es de él.

If the action continues to repeat itself in the present, the is claimed "no soybean beans yo". Yet if the activity is over, it is stated "no fui yo" or "no that sido yo". Examples:

No the sido yo quien ha cerrado la ventana. Ha sido Juan.

—Ayer se rompió un vaso.

—No fui yo (quien lo rompió).

No soy yo quien está enfadado.

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When I read this my mind automatically jumped come I'm no myself. Probably that's what you're feather for


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