The created statement that particulars, whichyou have to be givenon or before you begin work,must specify:

the attend to of theemployer;

the expected location of work, consisting of all the places (i.e.the addresses, if an ext than one); and

details of any type of work abroad lasting for an ext than a month.

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The precise location may become important at part stages the employment, for example, once working the end whether her employer is legally licensed has been granted to ask girlfriend to work in a different workplace, in determining that is at hazard of redundancy if a work place is to it is in closed, or as soon as taking industrial activity (i.e.where picketing have the right to take place).

Home-workingis expected to becomeamorepermanent attribute formanymoreworkers in the consequences of thecoronavirus pandemic.Browseour section onWorking indigenous Homefor several of the issuesto think around if you are asked to agree come homeworking top top a long-term basis.

Note: This contents is noted as general background information and also should no be taken as legal advice or gaue won advice because that your specific situation. Make sure to acquire individual advice ~ above your case from her union, a source on our totally free help page or an independent financial advisor prior to taking any action.
Work RightsPay and ContractsLocation
How is my place of occupational defined, and also why does the matter?
My employer has actually taken end another company and said me to job-related in an additional location. Is this reasonable?
Am i entitled to costs for relocating to work at a different location?
My room is gift relocated to brand-new offices 25 mile away. What space the implications?
Will ns be paid for extra travelling time ~ a compulsory transfer?
Can ns be compelled to occupational overseas?
What room the crucial considerations of working outside the UK?
Where can I acquire advice on local tax, health service, rectal safety and also other facets of working outside the UK?
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