i am at this time studying Simandl"s 30 studies for wire Bass, and on the 6th one I came upon this term:


Since I"m no acquainted through Italian starrkingschool.net Terms, I used this site to uncover out what Poco Meno means.

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poco -> a littlemeno -> less

But I"m not certain what that is supposed to mean. A tiny less what?


Generally it is to carry out with speed/tempo. Poco= a little, meno = less, so, a teensy bit slower. Slower 보다 marked, or slower 보다 you played the little bit before. Often adhered to by "mosso".


"Poco meno" is ambiguous. A small less what indeed? together it"s merged with "pesante" and a "f" dynamic (what to be the coming before dynamic?) we can guess it"s no asking because that a smaller sized sound. Probably a small less speed. Clock the conductor and see what HE think it means!


In mine edition of Harriet Cohen"s transcription of Bach"s "Ertödt uns durch dein" Gute" the expression "meno" appears regularly, top top its own. I think it means "less" of the ahead crescendos, Fortes etc. In the previous passages i.e. A go back to normal tempo and loudness.


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