A Pre-Trial Conference (PTC) gives an informal setting for all parties and the referee to:

identify the truth that room agreed upon or are in dispute; clarification the issues in between the parties; and attempt to with a resolution by method of a voluntary agreement.

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A PTC might be hosted in conference room or in a Courtroom. They room not open for the public to attend. They are usually no recorded and also any negotiation discussions cannot be elevated at trial.

How will I be informed of the PTC?

All parties will certainly be sent a notification of Pre-Trial Conference to their address for service. The notice will recognize the time, date and location of the PTC.

How do I prepare because that the PTC?

All parties must exchange all records and also documents relating come the action at the very least 14 days prior to the reserved PTC. This has copies of documents, contracts, cheques, invoices, letters, receipts, repair estimates, photographs or videos, printouts of any type of e-mails or other digital messages, duplicates of transcripts of any type of voice mail messages, or any type of other materials that relate come the action. The PTC helps to give each side an knowledge of the various other side’s suggest of view, and may often help in a resolution.

Who attends a PTC?

All parties have to attend the PTC. If a lawyer or agent to represent a party lock must bring the party they represent to the PTC. Witnesses are not allowed at the Pre-Trial Conference. If an interpreter is needed, that is your duty to make the crucial arrangements for a standard interpreter to to visit at her expense.

What wake up at a PTC?

The next will comment on the action with the Judge. The Judge might ask inquiries of the next to determine the issues and facts in covenant or in dispute and will attempt to solve the action. Detailed below are possible outcomes at a PTC:

PTC resolves the action

parties will sign a Settlement commitment or the Court will prepare an stimulate confirming the terms of the settlement. If a party does no comply through the Settlement covenant or Order, a Judgment may be issued against that party. As soon as the terms of the Settlement commitment are fulfilled, a notice of tap the money of the polite Claim and / or Counterclaim should be filed. No further Court appearances might be required.

With consent of all parties the PTC may be converted right into a Binding Judicial conflict Resolution:

The Judge will certainly render a final and binding decision ~ hearing from both sides at the PTC. The decision can not be appealed. A copy the the Judgment will certainly be sent to the next at their attend to for service. The activity is concluded and no additional Court appearances will be required.PTC walk not settle the action The action will be booked for trial. The judge may provide direction to the parties and also impose deadlines concerning trial preparations.

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What if I carry out not attend the PTC?

If a party falls short to to visit the PTC, their claim or conflict Note may be to win or judgment entered versus them, or both.

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