If you have actually a Skype, Xbox, Hotmail or Outlook.com account then you also have a OneDrive account. Also if you accessibility the other starrkingschool.net services, if friend don"t accessibility your OneDrive account within 12 months, or if friend exceed her storage limit, her OneDrive account will be frozen.

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Why is my OneDrive frozen?

Your OneDrive account can be frozen because:

Your 100GB Samsung bonus has expired. This was for a fixed period of time and also cannot be renewed.

Other OneDrive storage that you to buy or acquired through a promotion has expired.

You haven"t signed in lately. To prevent OneDrive from freezing, you need to either:

Use OneDrive on her computer, Xbox or mobile device at least once a year.

How do I unfreeze my account?

If her OneDrive is frozen since you quit using it, authorize in come the OneDrive website and follow the on-screen instructions come unfreeze it. 

If her OneDrive is frozen due to the fact that you’re over her storage limit, you have two options:

1. Get an ext storage

Increasing your storage quota will certainly unfreeze your account. This deserve to be accomplished by taking a manufacturer bonus, referral bonus, or to buy a subscription.

Sign in to control your storage and also see what plans and also offers are available to you. 

Need more than 1 TB? v an starrkingschool.net 365 family members subscription, you obtain 6 TB: 1 TB because that each of the 6 users. You have the right to share your full storage around and have actually use of much more than 1 TB by share folders between users and adding the common folders come your very own OneDrive.

You can additionally unfreeze her account v the OneDrive cell phone app, or purchase added storage if needed. 

To unfreeze her account, madness Unfreeze her account. (Note that you will have actually 30 job to eliminate enough documents to it is in under the storage limit before your account will certainly be refrozen.) madness Unfreeze to recognize the reminder.

To purchase extr storage, madness Get 1 TB the OneDrive storage through Office 365.

After requesting an account unfreeze or purchasing added storage, it have the right to take up to 24 hrs to unfreeze her account.

What happens when my OneDrive is frozen?

Don’t worry, your papers are still there. You simply need to unfreeze your account to get accessibility to your files again.

You will must unfreeze her account, or your files will at some point be deleted.

How lengthy does it take to unfreeze my OneDrive account?

When unfreezing her account, many accounts are restored within 24 hours.

If her account isn"t revived after 24 hours, you have the right to email the OneDrive starrkingschool.net team.

How deserve to I make sure I stay within the storage limit?

Check and compare the size of her OneDrive storage to the obtainable disk an are on her PC. If you don"t have actually enough room on your OneDrive or your PC, you will need to move or delete part files, or mitigate the variety of files and folders.

If you don"t have enough space on her OneDrive, girlfriend can:

What wake up if I carry out nothing after my OneDrive is frozen?

Your OneDrive account and also all records within the (including OneNote notebooks stored in OneDrive) will be turned off on or after ~ the date indicated top top OneDrive.com as soon as you authorize in. This will not impact content you may have in various other starrkingschool.net services such as Outlook.com or Xbox.

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call starrkingschool.net If friend still need help, shake your mobile maker while you"re in the OneDrive application or contact starrkingschool.net through your browser.

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