If you need to pull your car off the road, you have to avoid the shoulder wherever possible. The way, you have the right to limit the threat of a automobile accident.

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What Is the Shoulder the the Road?

A highway shoulder is a part of the roadway that falls exterior the external lane and is designed for emergency usage by traffic. There space two types of highway shoulders: hard and soft. A difficult shoulder is composed of a hardened piece of land, while a soft shoulder usually consists of gravel or dirt.

Only emergency and also highway vehicles are allowed to use the shoulder the the road. If you usage the shoulder for daily highway travel, authorities could concern a citation or even arrest you. Worst that all, you could put yourself and others at danger of an accident that can lead come injuries or fatalities.

Why should You stop Stopping top top the Shoulder the a Highway?

Key factors why you must avoid protecting against on a highway shoulder include:

1. Bad Visibility

It deserve to be challenging for motorists to check out a vehicle parked top top the shoulder of a highway, an especially at night or in snow, rain, or various other inclement weather conditions. So, if you room trying to fix a level tire or inspect your car’s engine when your auto is parked top top a highway shoulder, other drivers may struggle to check out you or her car. In this instance, a auto could strike you or your car at a high speed.

2. Driver Confusion

When pulling turn off a highway, many drivers try to gain as much away from the main road as possible rather 보다 leave their vehicle stopped ~ above the shoulder. If a driver stops their auto on the shoulder, other motorists may come to be confused. This can lead these motorists to understeer or oversteer or swerve toward a automobile stopped ~ above the shoulder, causing an accident.

3. Debris Injuries

If friend stand exterior a vehicle parked on a highway shoulder, various other vehicles may quickly travel past you, which can cause debris to whip toward you in ~ high speeds. This debris can an outcome in injuries or damages to her vehicle.

4. Rear-End or Side-Swipe Accidents

As you sluggish down and also enter the shoulder the a highway, various other cars might follow you. In this scenario, these cars might accidentally rear-end or side-swipe her vehicle.

5. Re-Entry Collisions

Traveling native a highway shoulder ago onto a key road deserve to be challenging. If you’re no able to enhance the rate of traffic, you could reason a collision.

What to do If Your vehicle Is quit on a Highway Shoulder

If you should pull your auto over come the shoulder the a highway, relocate your auto as far off the key road together you can. Next, activate your vehicle’s risk lights. If you have actually hazard cones, place them roughly your car. Peril lights and cones alarm other motorists that girlfriend are dealing with an emergency, i m sorry can aid them stop an accident.

For chauffeurs who park their auto on the shoulder due to the fact that it’s not running properly, contact a tow truck or family members or friends for assistance. In the meantime, stand on the opposite side of the key road at least 100 feet far from your vehicle until assist arrives.

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Lastly, if a collision occurs while your automobile is quit on the shoulder and damages her car’s exterior, aid is available. The settle Auto team have the right to perform bumper, windshield, and also other auto exterior repairs at her convenience. We are happy come repair her car’s exterior complying with a highway shoulder accident. Come schedule a business appointment, please call us online or contact us today at 800.INFO.FIX.

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