Yes, ns am living in the 21st century and also I do recognize that the “G” stands for Google, but I had to add that in the title reason I am about to walk on and on about how great Gmail is and also how lot I loooove (correct pronounciation: luh-uh-uhve) it. An initial off, I have to start out by saying i am secretly enamored through Google in and of itself. Ns love my own Google homepage and also I love my Gmail and also I love the I deserve to pick my template in it, i m sorry is right now “Graffiti”. How dope is that?? Okay, sorry, I’ll action out that the 90s (I find myself inadvertently do the efforts to revise the word dope, an interpretation cool or great, yet that is a totality ‘nother post!). Ago to Google, it’s certainly in mine “Top 5”! height 5 of what, friend ask? Well, no sure, however my 5-year old appears to have a “top 5” for everything that is his favorite, so that is what I’m speak too! 

I love Gmail

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Recently, in our web marketing team of wild internet women, we began using Gmail as our key email channel, rather of using, well ns won’t even mention that web page name, the was hosting every one of our stuff. We are busy and also the emails flow in and also out, forward and reply, all day (and sheepishly admitting) virtually all night too. Irritable by receiving double emails, or no emails, or having emails bounce because we were at our storage limit, placed us top top the course for something better. I need to admit, ns was most likely the last person to switch over! creature of habit, ns suppose, or the seven pages of instructions looked too complicated for my assistant to carry out (just kidding! around the assistant part – that would simply be in my desires – or probably in 3 years, who knows!). Having actually a Gmail account because that my an individual email already, I found that I had the ability to filter all my work-related emails right right into that account! What gets even far better is the they come in automatically labelled with every little thing I select (in this case, I call all incoming work emails “work”, creative, huh?). Climate to top it off, ns can add additional labels and also when i am ready to record away my conversations, I deserve to “archive” them and they walk under the labels i created. And did I mention that storage room seems to be infinite?

My utmost faaaaaavorite (correct pronunciation: fay-ay-ayv-vor-it) part about Gmail is how it organizes replies with the details conversation. So, because that instance, if i email five people around something, and also they all email me back, ns don’t have five separate line items, AKA 5 separate emails, in mine inbox that pertains to what I just sent out. I can click that message and know that I have the right to see responses from anyone that was in that conversation. Smart, and space-saving, and mind-saving (it prevents me from going craaazy (correct pronounciation: cra-ay-ay-zee) weeding with my inbox for everyone’s replies. Fabulous!
Wondering if i was the just one the end there the felt so strongly around Gmail therefore I, what else?, googled the expression “reasons to usage gmail”. What rotate up were pages and pages by anyone (and probably also my father, who is currently on facebook!) around why castle love their Gmail! I’m no alone in this crush! however who can tell it much better than Google themselves. Right here are Google’s top ten reasons to use Gmail. 

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So my friends, what I’m saying is the if girlfriend haven’t do the move to Gmail, there is no better time than now! You will be great at how much better it is than any type of other email application and also maybe, just maybe, you’ll think the “G” means “Great” too. Or much better yet, how about “Googlicious“?