What does Calla mean?


together a girls" name is of Greek origin, and also the an interpretation of Calla is "beautiful". Indigenous greek "kallos". Additionally the surname of a flower: the calla lily. Additionally possibly a different of Caoilainn an irish Gaelic name meaning "slim and fair", or native Kelila an interpretation "crown that laurel" or a short kind of Michaela. Also kind of Calida. Also form of Calista. Also kind of Kayla.

STARTS through Cal-

ASSOCIATED v greek, crown (queen), laurel (tree)


OTHER develops VIA CAOILAINN, KELILA, MICHAELA Caelan, Caelyn▼, Kalin, Kayla▼, Kayle▼, Kelula, Kyla, Makyla

CREATIVE FORMS(female) Calca, .. (male) Calko, .. Middle NAME PAIRINGSCalla Blessing (C.B.), ..

How famous is Calla?

Calla is a rare first name because that women yet a really popular last name for both adults and also children (#53420 out of 150436, peak 36%). (2000 U.S. CENSUS)

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Calla reached its height rank of #770 in the U.S. In the 1880s, and also is presently at #1686. (TOP 2000 NAMES, 2018)



Which variation is better?

Caelyn, Calista (#1633 FROM present RECORDS), Kalin, Kayla (#149), Kayle, Kyla (#438), Makyla and also Michaela (#529) space the popular alternate forms that Calla (#1686). Various other forms, choose Caelan, room uncommon. Fostering of these relationships of Calla was at its many widespread in 1995 (USAGE that 1.1%) and is now significantly lower (USAGE 0.2%, 82% LESS), with creates like Michaela becoming less stylish.

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Similar Names

Calla is pronounced an in similar way to Caihla, Cailie, Caley, Calley, Cayla▼, Caylia, Chelo, Colly, Kaala, Kaela▼, Kaeli, Kaili, Kala▼, Kaleah, Kalia, Kalla, Kaylha, Keela, Keila, Kelli▼, Kelly▼, Kilea, Kylea, Quilla and Quylla. Various other recommended sound-alike names room Baila, Bayla, Cacia, Cal, Calina, Callan, Callen, Callida, Caltha, Camela, Camila▲, Carla▼, Carle, Carlia, Carlla, Carna, Catia, Ceila, Cela, Celia▼, Celli, Chalia, Charla▼, Chella, Cilia, Cilla, Cilly, Clea, Csilla, Dalila, Dalla, Galla, Gayla▼, Hella, Jayla, Karlla, Lalla, Mala, Mella, Milla, Nella, Olalla, Raula, Tayla▼, Tulla, Ulla, Vala, Valla, Yulla and also Zilla. This names tend to be more commonly supplied than Calla.