A large decorative candleholder with numerous arms or branches, or a similarly shaped electric light fixture: The beautiful silver- candelabrum sat on Jim"s shelf and was only taken under to be offered for very special occasions.

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A reference to honesty, frankness, and unbiased statements: Mary made decision to permit Paul recognize that her candid feelings through him did no involve loving him; however, she did choose him.
1. Defined by openness and also sincerity the expression; unreservedly straightforward: In private, Shirley gave her company group a open minded opinion about what to expect economically in the future.2. Pertained to honesty and also unbiased opinions, even when the fact is no pleasant come hear: Mary made decision to offer her candid statement come Paul and also so she said him that she chosen him, yet she was not in love through him.
Someone who is being considered, nominated, or striving for a specific position, office, prize, or honor: Harry made decision to notice his candidacy because that a seat in the Senate even though he has previously strived for other political candidacies.
1. A person who looks for to run for a politics office: The conservative candidate promised to remove high taxes when the liberal candidate claimed he would strive to get rid of unemployment.2. Etymology: native Latin candidus, "white" and also candidatus, "clothed in white" indigenous the white togas, which were long, shining, white cloaks that were worn by Romans that were seeking politics offices.Although the word candidate describes the purity the "white" there space too numerous who are or who come to be corruptedWhen a male ran for public office in old Rome, he derived a toga which to be a long, shining, white cloak.With this "shining white" outfit, the candidate stood out in a crowd and also the people might have considered him come be linked with purity and also goodness because of the symbolism that the garment.
—Compiled from info located inWords Come in families by Edward Horowitz, Ph.D.;Hart publishing Company, Inc.; brand-new York; 1977; pages 28-30.
A candidate because that a public office in roman times.The hatchet candidate is obtained from a person who to be a candidatus, "clothed in white", which to be symbolical the the supposed purity that the person.
1. A molded piece of wax, tallow, or other fatty substance, usually cylindrical in shape, encasing a wick that is burned to administer light: prior to the days of gas and also electricity, candles were the key sources of irradiate at night.2. A unit of luminous intensity, characterized as a portion of the luminous soot of a group of 45 carbon-filament lamps; provided from 1909 to 1948 together the international standard. 3. Etymology: from Ole English candel, early on church-word borrowing indigenous Latin candela, "a light, a torch"; native candere, "to shine". Candles were unknown in old Greece wherein oil lamps to be used, but they were usual from at an early stage times among Romans and Etruscans.
The state of gift sincere and honest in speech or to express oneself: Alice admired Jim"s candor when he to be talking about what walk wrong through his first marriage.
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