I"ve been dealing with a mrs shop owner from whom I"very bought miscellaneous pieces the furniture. She doesn"t speak English. In ~ the end of call conversations she will sometimes end up with the salutation "Un beso". I have actually no idea what the appropriate solution is. I"m male, if that has any type of bearing top top the answer.Also, how finest would girlfriend end an e-mail in Spanish to a business-type contact, through whom girlfriend are fairly friendly, with the tantamount of "very finest wishes".Muchas gracias por os/sus (?) respuestas

Un beso is an extremely common ~ above the phone and in pivate e-mails. If unsure, to speak Un saludo or saludos.. Yet there is no trouble if a male says " un beso" come me, or vice versa, it"s normal, if it is a human being you know.

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I agree.. That is typical .. Ns too have a venezuelan friend who always says .. Muchos besos in ~ the finish of her conversation .. Yet my mexico friend never ever says the .. Maybe it depends on the nation .. - Joydeep_Singh, SEP 8, 2015

Though "un beso" means "a kiss" (a flying kiss that she flings your method at the finish of the conversation).. So i don"t think there have to be any problem responding her with the very same greeting . Or you could say .. Un abrazo fuerte (a chop hug) .. Or simply "besos" "muchos besitos" etc.

For formal business emails you could use .. "mis saludos mas cordiales" (my most humble/cordial greetings)

One usual ending the I usage all the time, despite I"ve never acquired this response from my male friends is. "Besos y abrazos." periodically shortened under to "B y A" I have noticed the the masculine members say some very nice points to me. And also I love it. Winkfish"s tip (after correcting a minor error) "A ti también" seems most appropriate after the woman has actually sent that a "beso"


Para que los recibas por primera vez de los cuates, te mando besos y abrazos, y que los sigas recibiendo - 005faa61, SEP 9, 2015

I agree the Saludos is a great way to finish a composed conversation through someone not well-known yet not a serious service conversation, which then would be something prefer Atentamente,

It´s additionally important to remember that, unless you are connected romantically through the human writing, Besos / abrazos is favor a kiss on the cheek / hand-shake, and also nothing more.

I would think it depends a many on the people. Here in brand-new Orleans, it"s hard to have a conversation even with a full stranger without part calling you "baby" or "dawlin" " or "sweetie." there is no intimacy or condescension intended. Currently in details situations, that would certainly be frowned upon, like in a expert office setting.

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As to a an answer to her friend"s statement, I could say "A usted tambien" or "A ti tambien."

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