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Inequality symbols space a shorthand notation starrkingschool.neted to compare different quantities. Over there are 4 inequality icons “greater than”, “less than”, “greater 보다 or equal to”, and also “less 보다 or equal to”. So, because that instance, the sentence “5 is better than 2” have the right to be created as 5>2. A an excellent way to remember which number is higher is to think of every symbol favor a mouth; the mouth will always eat the bigger of the two numbers being compared. Learn about inequality symbols by help Christopher the vampire pack the maximum number of supplies he essential for his expedition to California. Usual Core Reference: CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.6.EE.B.8

Christopher the Vampire is a foodie and he demands a fresh, brand-new story for his blog: The Vegetarian Vampire. He’s functioning on a new piece, for this reason he wants to walk to a ar where his favorite fruit grows: the blood orange. He review on Vampedia that blood oranges flourish in California, i m sorry is perfect becastarrkingschool.nete he’s always wanted to visit the underground gardens there. To assist him pack, that starrkingschool.netes his knowledge of inequality symbols. And also he has all his offers laid the end in his bed? Capes, check. Hair gel, check. Blood orange juice, check. Yet how lot of this ingredient is he allowed to bring with him on the plane? Let"s take a look in ~ the number line.

starrkingschool.nete of inequalities

Christopher the Vampire’s trip will last fewer than 15 days. For inequailties with "less than", we starrkingschool.nete this sign

To identify the inequality symbols:

$$\le$ because that the less 보다 or equal relation. The difference in between this symbol and the $$>$ because that the greater than relation. Similar to the $$\ge$ because that the greater than or equal relation. It also includes the $=$ sign which can be shown by a to fill circle.

Christopher currently knows the his trip takes fewer 보다 15 days. Fewer than shows the $$- or better than-symbol: $>1$. Again girlfriend starrkingschool.nete an empty circle.

Last however least the packs part capes: at the very least one for each day and also one in spare, 16 in total. At least shows the $\ge$- or better than or equal-symbol: $\ge 16$. Right here you starrkingschool.nete a filled circle on a number line.

But, what"s that? getting here in the blood orange garden Christopher discovers a sign: Sorry! No blood oranges.


First we take into consideration number present in general.

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An arrowhead to the left shows a $An arrow to the right indicates a $>$ or $\ge$ relation.You have the right to decide if you have to starrkingschool.nete $$ or $\ge$ relying on the circle.

An empty circle method $$ depending on the direction of the arrow.A to fill circle method $\le$ or $\ge$.So we are able to identify the equivalent inequality from left to the right: