In many forms that media, as soon as a human being is bitten by a vampire have actually a look at of calmness and pleasure on your face. Execute vampires inject some sort of gift that reasons feelings of satisfied or an additional explanation that this phenomenon. Example



Blood lose can cause a absence of oxygen being ceded by red blood cell to the brain. If the vampire is biting the carotid artery, then blood circulation to the mind would it is in severely impaired, causing the brain starting come shut under like as soon as being suffocated or drowning, hallucinations and also ecstasy may be created from this affect.

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Also, arousal to the point of orgasm has for centuries been called "the little death", and also this might be a way of authors/writers sneaking gift bitten and coming close to death as one erotic experience.

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Humans are nothing but vampire feed. Once a person is bitten by a vampire they finally attain the only reason lock exist. This is comparable to sexual pressure as reproduction is the only other factor human cattle exists.

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So our human body releases the endol pin to thank us because that fulfilling the reason for our race and letting a vampire feeding

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Typically the emotion of euphoria is explained as being brought about by one of two people psychic capability of the vampire, or v a chemistry transmitted with the bite.

For instance in The Dresden Files, the saliva the Red Court vampires consists of a powerful narcotic the induces euphoria in the victim.

The whole ide of euphoria in the victim many likely comes from the post-Dracula view of vampires. Together opposed come the monstrous Nosferatu, these brand-new vampires space suave seductors/seductresses v a certain grace to them.

I think that the expression that euphoria in many media that does no specifically explain the thinking behind it originates from this concept of vampires, and also is supposed to do you feel together though the bite is somewhat sex-related (which the imagery invokes strongly)

EDIT: these Buffy fans also entertain the idea that a narcotic as one explanation.

SECOND EDIT: It can possibly come from the effects of an actual vampire bat"s saliva i beg your pardon is known to contain anesthetic and also other chemistry compounds.