Test tube brushes are an excellent for cleaning test tubes and other rap ware consisting of tubing. Built of quality bristles mounted on a twisted galvanized cable the brush is tufted at the finish for cleaning the bottom the a check tube.

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assets being marketed are not toys. They room for educational / Labratory usage only. They are not for usage by children 12 and under.

Test tube Holder (Stoddard)


ABS Polymer Test pipe Rack


check Tubes (18 x 150) 12/pk


luxurious Test tube Holder


test Tubes (15 x 125) 12/pk


Test pipe brushes are great for cleaning test tubes and also other laboratory ware including tubing. Constructed of quality bristles placed on a twisted galvanized wire the brush is tufted in ~ the finish for clean the bottom that a check tube.">

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