Dump trucks have actually been around for virtually 100 years. As soon as they were first conceived, lock didn’t even have a motor. Now, intake trucks room loaded with complex machinery and also designed come accomplish particular functions in construction.

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If you’ve to be researching dump trucks to add to your fleet, looking to come to be an owner/operator or to acquire a much better understanding of your building and construction supply chain, this overview to the different types of dump van will aid you recognize the unique features and also functions the each. This post will emphasis on recording truck species in the US and include the various names offered for every truck type.

What every Dump Trucks have actually in Common

Most intake trucks have actually an open-box bed and operate by hydraulics. Dump truck manufacturers in the US incorporate Mack, Peterbilt, Volvo, Freightliner, CAT, Kenworth, and also International Trucks. When obtaining a brand-new truck, you’ll have to consider whether come buy used, in ~ auction, or from a dealer. When there room different species of trucks, manufacturers permit for customizations because that each type to obtain the specifications you desire.

Dump van by Type

Standard intake Truck


Overview: A conventional dump truck has a chassis or base frame with a mounted bed. The prior of the body contains a hydraulic lamb that raises the bed. The ago of the bed is hinged come the back of the truck so the front have the right to be raised to dump material out. The body is obtainable through a tailgate that swings up or down, relying on the truck’s build.

Key distinction: The wheelbase often tends to be low to enhance maneuverability, and also if this feature is essential, climate the typical is the ideal choice. This dump trucks have front and rear steering axles, with extr axles because that trucks that require to bring a better load.

Where They’re generally Used: These dump van are discovered in the US and also Europe.

Transfer (Truck & Transfer)


Overview: A transport dump truck has actually a traditional dump truck as its base and also pulls a separate movable cargo container ~ above a trailer. The different trailer is then pulled in ~ the body of the key truck, girlfriend can examine out a video clip showcasing this capability here.

Key distinction: The transfer dump truck can lug a range of common construction materials. The tractor offers the truck higher capacity without having actually to sacrifice maneuverability.

Materials: Gravel, sand, asphalt, snow, hardwood chips, construction aggregate, dirt.

Where They’re commonly Used: Transfer dump van are found all end the US.

End dump (Dump Trailer, Semi-End Dump) Truck


Overview: This truck has actually a tractor-trailer combination, and also the trailer contains its very own hydraulic system. The lots are weighted more on the container gift pulled rather than the truck bed.

Key distinction: While these dump trucks can lug a huge payload, this does make the truck unstable, limiting that applications, specifically when the ground is uneven at project sites. The truck can be easily unloaded onsite.

Side dump Truck


Overview: The next dump truck is composed of a tractor pulling a semi-trailer. Hydraulic rams tilt the body onto that side, so product goes either to the left or the ideal of the truck.

Key distinction: enables for rapid unloading, won’t reminder over when dumping prefer an end dump can, unless the dump is quit prematurely.

Materials: Few material limitations, can bring anything from boulders to sand, come sludge.

Where They’re typically Used: All end the US; however, in the Western component of the country, they deserve to carry much more weight, another advantage to this form of truck.

Tri-Axle intake Truck


Overview: offered for smaller loads, brief distances. This is a popular choice in an ext urban or suburban areas because this trucks are simpler to exercise in tight soldier or under busy city streets, while still hauling a coherent amount that material.

Key Distinction: They space lightweight, an interpretation they can aid save top top costs.

Materials: The tri-axle can’t take care of too plenty of aggregates due to the fact that the load capacity is small.

Superdump Truck


Overview: has actually a trailing axle and load-bearing axle that enables for much heavier tons than other species of dump van while still conference the federal bridge formula standard. Superdumps have come to be popular out west in the US.

Key Distinction: can be rated together high together 80,000 pounds depending on length and also axle configuration.

Materials: Very helpful for asphalt and also concrete paving.

Bottom intake (Belly Dump)


Overview: Bottom dump trucks have dump trailers v a “clamshell” gate that releases material from the bottom, or the “belly,” of the trailer.

Key Distinction: The clamshell design permits for precision when laying materials.

Materials: The bottom dump is used generally for stockpiling, material transport, and also paving.

Double Bottom (Double BellyDump)


Overview: The double Bottom or belly Dump is similar to the Bottom Dump however with the addition of an extra trailer to boost the lot that have the right to be transported in each trip.

Off-Highway dump Trucks


Overview: These trucks room heavy building equipment with major differences indigenous standard and other dump trucks the are offered on highways. These room used primarily for off-road work like mining and heavy dirt hauling. In fact, the manufacturers that these types of trucks avoid using “dump truck” to refer to them, typically using “haul truck” instead.

Key Distinction: There space two main species of off-highway intake trucks, haul trucks and also articulated haulers.

Getting a Dump truck to fulfill Your Needs

Now the you understand the different types of dump trucks, you may be wondering exactly how to purchase one. Girlfriend can discover out just how much a intake truck prices here, and learn just how to purchase a supplied truck here if she looking to conserve on upfront costs.

Looking to rental someone through the truck you need? friend can discover a guide to detect truck chauffeurs looking for work-related here.

If you very own a truck, you need a trusted resource to affix you with work in your regional area.

TRUX provides a marketplace whereby you can find work perfect to her truck type. Friend can build your very own schedule by feather at all the work available with prices so you know upfront what you’re acquiring into.

Not only deserve to TRUX affix you with work in your area however we can assist you operation your business.

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