Introduction: Connecting your Learning

In a ahead lesson, friend were presented to assorted applications because that the United says Measurement System. Many computer system standards are developed by an worldwide governing body. Therefore, when standards are arisen for wireless and network technologies, mobile device development, geospatial technologies, and others, the Metric device of measure up is normally used, so the is necessary to end up being familiar v both measurement systems.

This module discusses the Metric system of Measurement, benefits of the base ten number system, prefixes, and also conversion native one unit of measure up in the metric device to another.

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focusing Your Learning

Lesson Objectives

By the finish of this lesson, you need to be maybe to:

convert units of measurement utilizing the Metric System.


The benefits of the base Ten Number device

The metric mechanism of measure up takes advantage of the basic ten number sys­tem. The advantage to making use of metric system over the unified States device is that in the metric system, the is feasible to convert from one unit of measure up to another by multiply or separating the given number by a strength of 10. This method you have the right to make a conversion merely by relocating the decimal allude to the best or the left.


typical units of measure in the metric mechanism are the meter (for length), the liter (for volume), and the gram (for mass). A prefix deserve to be enclosed to every unit. The metric prefixes in addition to their meaning are noted below.

Metric Prefixes

kilo — thousand

hecto — hundred

deka — ten

deci —tenth

centi — hundredth

milli — thousandth

for example, if length is being measured the complying with are true:

1 kilometer is equivalent to 1,000 meters.1 centimeter is indistinguishable to one hundredth of a meter. 1 millimeter is identical to one thousandth that a meter.

Conversion indigenous One Unit to one more Unit

Three qualities of the metric system take place in the metric table of measurements.

In every category, the prefixes room the same. You have the right to move indigenous a bigger to a smaller sized unit of measure up by relocating the decimal allude to the right. You have the right to move indigenous a smaller sized to a larger unit of measure by moving the decimal suggest to the left.

The following table offers a an introduction of the relationship between the simple unit of measure (meter, gram, liter) and also each prefix, and also how plenty of places the decimal point is moved and in what direction.

kilo hecto deka unit deci centi milli

Basic Unit to Prefix Move the Decimal Point
unit come deka 1 come 10 1 place to the left
unit to hecto 1 to 100 2 places to the left
unit come kilo 1 come 1,000 3 places to the left
unit to deci 1 come 0.1 1 ar to the right
unit to centi 1 to 0.01 2 areas to the right
unit come milli 1 to 0.001 3 locations to the right

Conversion Table

listed below, in the unit conversion table, are several of the common metric units of measure.

Unit switch Table
Length 1 kilometer(km)=1,000 meters(m) 1,000×1 m
1 hectometer(hm)=100 meter 100×1 m
1 dekameter(dam)=10 meters 10×1 m
1 meter (m) 1×1 m
1 decimeter(dm)= meter .1×1 m
1 centimeter(cm)= meter .01×1 m
1 millimeter(mm)= meter .001×1 m
Mass 1 kilogram(kg)=1,000 grams(g) 1,000×1 g
1 hectogram(hg)=100 grams 100×1 g
1 dekagram(dag)=10 grams 10×1 g
1 gram (g) 1×1 g
1 decigram(dg)= gram .1×1 g
1 centigram(cg)= gram .01×1 g
1 milligram(mg)= gram .001×1 g
Volume 1 kiloliter(kL)=1,000 liters(L) 1,000×1 l
1 hectoliter(hL)=100 liters 100×1 l
1 dekaliter(daL)=10 liters 10×1 together
1 liter (L) 1×1 l
1 deciliter(dL)= liter .1×1 together
1 centiliter(cL)= liter .01×1 together
1 milliliter(mL)= liter .001×1 together
Time Same together the United says System

Distinction in between Mass and also Weight

There is a distinction between mass and also weight. The weight of a body is pertained to gravity whereas the fixed of a body is not. Because that example, your weight on the planet is different than that is top top the moon, yet your mass is the same in both places. Mass is a measure up of a body"s resistance come motion. The much more massive a body, the an ext resistant the is to motion. Also, much more massive body weigh more than body with less mass.

Converting Metric Units

To convert from one metric unit to one more metric unit:

recognize the ar of the initial number top top the metric scale (pictured in every of the following examples).

Move the decimal point of the initial number in the same direction and the appropriate variety of places to relocate to the preferred metric unit.

girlfriend can likewise convert native one metric unit to one more using unit fractions. Take a look at at some examples.

Example 1

The load of a computer system screen is 3 kg. Convert the measurement come g. (a) 3 kg have the right to be written as 3.0 kg. Then,



Thus, 3 kg = 3,000 g.

(b) friend can likewise use unit fountain to make this conversion.

because you room converting to grams, and also 1,000g = 1 kg, you choose the unit fraction since grams is in the numerator.

3 kg = 3 kg ⋅
= 3 ⋅ 1,000 g
= 3,000 g

Example 2

convert 67.2 hectoliters come milliliters.



Thus, 67.2 hL = 6,720,000 mL.

Example 3

The secretary has placed she computer and also a fax device on a table which steps to 100.07 cm. Transform the measurement come meters.



Thus, 100.07 cm=1.0007 m.

Example 4

Convert 0.16 milligrams come grams.



Thus, 0.16 mg=0.00016 g.

Binary Numbers

A binary prefix is supplied to identify a unit of digital information. In order to recognize binary prefixes, girlfriend must understand what binary numbers represent. Binary numbers stand for numeric worths using two symbols: 0 and 1. Virtually all digital computers these days room binary, definition that they attend to numbers to express in binary fairly than decimal. This means that storage addresses, and thus storage sizes, are additionally expressed in binary.

select the following link to testimonial a graph of information detailing prefixes for multiples of bits and bytes.

Prefixes for Multiples the Bits or Bytes

For added information around binary numbers select the complying with links.

Binary Numbers

khan Academy: Binary Numbers

now that girlfriend have added to your knowledge by reviewing the lesson and also the examples, the is time to clock the adhering to Khan Academy videos. These videos will certainly provide added explanations and working instances of how to convert measurements in ~ the metric system.

Math video clip Toolkit:

Converting within the Metric System

applying the Metric System

exercise Exercise: converting Measurements

Now you acquire a possibility to work out part problems. You might use a calculator if you would certainly like. Study each the these troubles carefully; you will see similar problems top top the lesson expertise check.

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Select the following connect to complete the exercise activity. Girlfriend will require to gain out a piece of document and a pencil to complete the practice problems.

Conversions making use of the Metric mechanism Practice Problems

Once you complete the practice activity, check to see exactly how well girlfriend did by choosing the complying with link:

Solutions: Conversions making use of the Metric device

Summarizing Your finding out

As you finish this module, you have actually seen countless units that measure, and you have come to be familiar through the method used to transform measurements. Convert does not avoid with simply knowing the U.S. System and also the metric system. Computer systems use another far-reaching system the measurement: the conversion in between bytes, megabits, kilobytes, gigabytes, terabytes, and so on. As you job-related with computers, this conversion instantly happens, however sometimes that is simple to forget the a computer system programmer had actually to put this conversion element in ar for computers to be more user-friendly. You might want come research how the binary system that is provided by computers works.

Assessing your Learning

Now the you have actually read end the lesson carefully and also attempted the practice difficulties it is currently time to finish a understanding check. Please keep in mind that this is a graded component of this lesson therefore be sure you have actually prepared yourself prior to starting.
finish the Measurement: Conversions using Metric System.