What do the first three write-ups of the constitution address?a. The national gov and the statesb. The organization of the national govc. The officially amendment process

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In what method can the executive, management branch examine the power of the legislative branch?a. By vetoing legislationb. By producing lower courtsc. By impeaching members the Congress
What principle holds the no gov is all-powerful and also that a gov might do just those things that the civilization have provided it the strength to do?a. Minimal govb. Judicial reviewc. Federalism
How to be the strength of judicial review establisheda. By an act of congressb. In short article VII the the Constitutionc. Through the Marbury v. Madison decision
A constitutional amendment might be suggest bya. A national convention that judgesb. A nationwide convention of governorsc. A two-thirds vote of Congress
Which is a criticism of the exercise of sending proposed amendments come state legislatures rather than come conventionsa. Conventions represent political partiesb. Conventions far better represent the peoplec. The governor deserve to veto the amendment
The invoice of civil liberties is a list ofa. Means to publication legislationb. Rules for national electionsc. Simple freedoms and rights
Six constitutional amendments have been proposed and sent to the states however not ratified. Which concern was addresses by an unratified amendment?a. Equal legal rights of womenb. Ban of alcoholc. Presidential hatchet limits
Congress has clarified provisions that the structure bya. Making use of the power of justice reviewb. Passing regulations to flesh out sectionsc. Vetoing constitution amendments
the main difference in between an executive agreement and a contract is thata. Executive agreements deal only with domestic affairsb. Treaties deal just with domestic affairsc. Treaties have to be approved by the Senate
The nomination of candidates because that the presidencya. Is in write-up II the the constitutionb. Is a duty the the state legislaturesc. Takes location at national conventions
Which unwritten practice did the 22nd Amendment create as law?a. Limiting the president to two termsb. Limiting a city council to two termsc. Request a councilor to have been a governor
Who can the executive, management branch examine the strength of the legislative branch?a. Veto legislationb. Produce lower courtsc. Impeach membersd. Appoint more judges
Which principle way that federal government is bound mine the rule of law?a. Limited governmentb. Righteousness reviewc. Separation of powersd. Federalism
What principle is reflected once state legislatures or conventions vote on a constitutional amendment?a. Federalismb. Restricted governmentc. Justice reviewd. Checks and balances



Government in America: People, Politics, and PolicyGeorge C. Edwards III, martin P. Wattenberg, Robert L. Lineberry

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