A tree stump on your residential or commercial property is an ext than simply an eyesore. It have the right to pose a peril to people and also property if it isn’t promptly removed. Even after the tree has actually been felled, the roots can proceed to grow, clogging pipes, bring about the sidewalk come buckle, and also creating a tripping peril for people outside. The stump chin can also sprout shoot that will prove to it is in a drainpipe on the resources the other plants in your yard should survive. That’s why it’s essential to remove the stump promptly after a tree has actually been gotten rid of from her property.

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Of course, tree stumps are stubborn beasts. Removing lock isn’t constantly the easiest task. There room several methods to do the process more manageable. Renting a stump grinder and physically grind the stump right into mulch is one possibility, albeit among the an ext expensive options. Burning the stump away is one more option, return one that have to be carefully watched since it requires a regulated fire. Yet one more option is to use the ideal stump remover you deserve to find.

What Is Stump Remover?

Tree stump remover is a chemical that, when supplied properly, speeds up the decomposition procedure of tree stumps. So while that extremely challenging to destruction a tree stump out of the ground or to reduced it apart for disposal, a stump remover will cause it come rot and also soften. After ~ a couple of weeks, the will come to be spongey and can be damaged apart much much more easily with an ax or shovel.

How Is that Used?

Stump remover is normally purchased in powdered or liquid form. Part powders require you come mix them with water before application. To efficiently rot the tree stump, you have to drill a few holes in the stump and also pour the mixture in. Climate you must wait a couple of weeks as the mixture penetrates and also absorbs right into the wood.

A big part that the reason that lumber is so solid and challenging is that its cell wall surfaces are comprised of an essential polymer referred to as lignin. A stump remover chemistry thins this compound, resulting in the hardwood to end up being much softer and easier to remove.

Are There any type of Risks?

Because stump removers are chemicals, it’s vital to keep them far from children and pets. During the duration where her stump remover is decomposing the continues to be of the tree stump in your yard, you need to make certain no kids or pets can beat on or near it.

You’ll additionally need to take an excellent care as soon as using her stump remover come ensure it doesn’t harm any kind of of the bordering plants or trees. Her goal is only to rot away the stump itself, but if the chemicals get all over else, they can also kill the grass in her lawn and other surrounding plant life.

How To choose The finest Stump Remover

There are several chemicals that could be provided for stump removal, and also they aren’t all created equal. Choosing the ideal one counts upon a couple of things: her budget, whether you have any type of other surrounding plants or tree you desire to protect against harming, whether there space roots you likewise need to kill, and also how simple you want the stump removal procedure to be after the decomposition is complete.

Potassium Nitrate

One that the most renowned stump removal chemistry is potassium nitrate. This stump remover has several benefits over other options. Commonly coming in the kind of granules, potassium nitrate renders the timber of your tree stump soft and also porous—and therefore much more easy to remove—without posing a threat to surrounding vegetation. It’s likewise odorless, which no all stump removers are.

Potassium nitrate commodities are likewise generally cheaper than various other options. The only significant disadvantage the this stump remover is the time and effort involved. You must spend part time drilling feet in the tree stump itself. Climate you have to wait a variety of weeks and also spend some time break the stump apart and also pulling all the components of it away.

Copper Sulfate

Another famous stump remover, copper sulfate is a very an effective chemical the doesn’t require lot to do its work. The great benefit—or drawback—of this product is the it doubles as a potent herbicide. That way that it have the right to be offered for a lot much more than just removing stumps. It will certainly kill off algae, mosquito larvae, fungi, and weeds together well. That course, this also way that the chemistry can really easily kill off plants the you desire to keep, such as lawn grass and also other neighboring plant life.

If you decision to usage copper sulfate together your stump remover, you have to take good care regarding where it ends up in your yard. Carry out not permit it to get on any plants that you don’t desire to lose.


Another an effective herbicide and fungicide, triclopyr is offered to rot stumps and to remove hard brushes and other stubborn weeds. It isn’t particularly expensive and also can it is in a good material to usage if you desire to clear a totality lot of brush and other invasive growth. Much like copper sulfate, however, it has actually a tendency to ruin every tree it comes into contact with. That’s why if you have a closely curated garden, triclopyr shouldn’t be lugged anywhere close to it.

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Other Options

For most yards, the best stump remover is most likely potassium nitrate. However, together we’ve mentioned, it functions slowly and also will still require a an excellent bit of effort on your end before the stump have the right to be removed. If you want to eliminate a stump an ext quickly—and without putting any type of surrounding tree life in ~ risk—then girlfriend can additionally look right into hiring the services of a professional arborist. A professional—like one from Mr. Tree Services—can eliminate the stumps from her yard in a quick and efficient manner, there is no requiring the usage of chemistry or expensive tools rentals.