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Bicarbonate is a polyatomic ion made up of one hydrogen, one carbon, and also three oxygen with one an unfavorable formal charge having actually a chemical formula HCO3–. That is additionally known together hydrogen carbonate. That is mostly used in pH buffering systems. Castle are mostly soluble in water at conventional temperature and pressure.

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Bicarbonate is produced when one proton is eliminated from carbonic acid.

In this article, we will talk about Is Hydrogen carbonate(HCO3–) an mountain or base? that conjugate acid as well as conjugate base, etc.

So, Is HCO3– an mountain or base? Bicarbonate(HCO3–) is amphoteric in nature method it deserve to act together an acid as well as base, depending upon what that is reaction with. It is just one of the main contents used in a pH buffering system because of its amphoteric nature.

Let’s comment on in more detail how have the right to HCO3– deserve to act together an acid as well as a base?

Name that MoleculeBicarbonate
Chemical formulaHCO3–
Molar mass61.0168 g mol−1
Conjugate acidH2CO3
Conjugate baseCO32-