Solvation <...> is the process of attraction and association of molecules of a solvent with molecules or ions of a solute. As ion dissolve in a solvent they spread out out and become surrounded by solvent molecules. <...>

Dissolution is a kinetic process, and is quantified by its rate. Solubility quantifies the dynamic equilibrium state achieved when the rate of dissolution equals the price of precipitation.

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Solubility is a chemical residential or commercial property referring come the ability of a offered substance, the solute, to dissolve in a solvent. Dissolution, or solvation, is the process by i beg your pardon a solute interacts with and also becomes liquified in a solvent due to rise in stability.


Solubility is maximum quantity of solute that will certainly dissolve in a given solvent at a provided temperature to kind saturated solution. Dissociation is a much more kinetic procedure which depend on lattice and hydration energy.



• dissolution is the procedure where a solute disappear in a solvent to form a solution, whereas solubility is the outcome of dissolution.

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• Solubility is a thermodynamic entity whereas dissolution is kinetic.

• Solubility is measured in mol/kg and dissolution is measure up in mol/s



the volume of solute to be dissolved in a given amount the solvent (how many moles of solute room dissolved)solutes solubility is constantly questioned the is a thermodynamic procedure its unit is mol/kg


rate of solute dissolving in a systems (how quick the solute dissolves)solute is constantly soluble the is a kinetic process its unit is mol/sec
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