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Every nation has symbols—specific objects the representbeliefs, values, traditions, or other intangible principles that makethat country unique. When these icons may adjust overtime, they can aid to tie a nation together by reminding itspeople of their nation’s background and most essential principles.Six U.S. Icons are illustrated in this primary source set:the Liberty Bell, the U.S. Flag, the bald eagle, the nationalanthem, Uncle Sam, and also the Statue of Liberty.

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The Liberty Bell was i was delegated by thePennsylvania colony in 1752. The colony’s leaderswanted a bell because that its state home (now well-known asIndependence Hall) that might be heard aroundthe city. One next of the bell has actually a biblical quote:“Proclaim LIBERTY throughout every the land unto allthe occupants thereof.” The most notable attribute ofthe bell, though, is a crack in the steel that operation upfrom the bell’s lip. Although over there is no proof, manypeople believe that the Liberty Bell was rung to markthe analysis of the declaration of self-reliance onJuly 8, 1776. In the 1830s, abolitionists adoptedthe bell together a price of their battle to abolishslavery; castle popularized the name the Liberty Bell.

Between 1885 and also 1915, the bell traveled aroundthe nation for exhibitions and patriotic events. Thebell currently resides in the Liberty Bell center onPhiladelphia’s self-reliance Mall. The bell’s cracked isthe resource of many stories that have reached nearlymythic proportion; the crack’s figure mayhave included to the bell’s symbolic power.

The flag the the United claims is commonly knownas the “Stars and Stripes” or “Old Glory.” ~ above June14, 1777, the continental Congress adopted aresolution stating: “Resolved, the the flag of theUnited claims be thirteen stripes, alternating red andwhite; that the union be thirteen stars, white in ablue field, representing a brand-new Constellation.” that isunknown whether Betsy Ross sewed the very first flagcreated under this resolution; plenty of historians viewthis story as a myth. The present 50-star flag is the27th “edition” of the flag and the one that has actually beenin usage the longest, because 1960. In 1818, Congresspassed a regulation stating that a brand-new star be addedfor each new state; the 13 stripes would certainly remainconstant to represent the 13 colonies. (At the timethis legislation was passed, the flag had 15 stripes; two stripes had been included to stand for the very first twostates added to the union—Vermont and also Kentucky.)The bald eagle has long been the nationwide bird ofthe joined States. In 1782, the continental Congressadopted the great Seal the the united States, i m sorry depicts a baldeagle hold 13 olive branches in one talon and13 arrows in the other. The olive branch standsfor the strength to make peace, when the arrowsstand because that the strength to do war.

The nationwide anthem, “The Star-SpangledBanner,” has actually a vibrant history. Francis Scott Keywrote the lyrics to the anthem together a poem in 1814,after he witnessed the British marine bombardingships during the fight of fort McHenry in the Warof 1812. The melody to be “borrowed” indigenous the tuneof a famous British song. The song ended up being theofficial national anthem in 1931, instead of severalother songs typically sung in ~ public events. Theanthem is rather controversial since of itswar-related imagery and the challenge that themusic poses to singers.

Uncle Sam, who image appeared during the Warof 1812, is a symbol of the U.S. Government. Heis illustrated as an older, bearded male dressed inclothes the evoke the U.S. Flag. Uncle Samis frequently used in politics cartoons, as wellas in advertising. Perhaps the best-known imageof Uncle Sam was as a recruiting device for the U.S. Army during world War I.A poster through artist James Montgomery Flagg, showsa stern Uncle Sam pointing in ~ the viewer end thecaption: “I desire YOU for the U.S. Army.”

The Statue that Liberty (its formal location is LibertyEnlightening the World) was a gift come the UnitedStates from the people of France. Specialized in 1886,the statue mirrors Libertas, the roman inn goddess offreedom. Starrkingschool.netated in brand-new York Harbor, the statueholds a torch in one hand and a tablet computer representingthe legislation in the other. The date of the statements ofIndependence is inscriptions on the tablet. A brokenchain sit at Libertas’s feet. The statue is an iconic prize of freedom.Protestors roughly the people have offered the picture ofthe frosting in their battles for politics freedom; areplica was set up in 1989 in Beijing’s TiananmenSquare.

Suggestions because that Teachers

Before having actually students work with the papers in this primary source set, girlfriend may uncover it helpful to printmultiple duplicates of each document, mountain them top top poster board, and also affix a brief caption to every document.Create a screen of symbols—an object that represents miscellaneous else—in her classroom. Some symbols perhaps actual objects, such as the U.S. Flag (if one is presented in her room) or a stuffed animal representing astarrkingschool.netal sports team. Other symbols may be pictures, including photos from the primary source set, a photograph ofyour school mascot, etc. Write words symbol top top the board and also tell students that every one of the items friend havedisplayed are symbols. Speak through exactly how your institution mascot represents her school; because that example, you can say“Snortner the Dragon represents Emerald School. It represents our background because the is called after the firstprincipal that the school. It represents our students because dragons room fierce and also fun, as with our students.”

Students can add to the display screen by happen in icons that represent things around their own lives.Tell students the they are going to it is in looking at signs of the united States.Organize the class into tiny groups and also give each group a snapshot of one symbolfrom the primary source set. You might want to begin by picking the image of eachsymbol that is the many straightforward. Ask student to determine the symbol that isshown and also to explain how it to represent the unified States. Have groups share theirideas. Provide each group a 2nd picture of your symbol and ask lock what castle canlearn from the second image. Their statements have the right to be relatively simple. Because that example,they can say, “The arrows in the eagle’s claw make me think of fighting. Perhaps thismeans that the United says is powerful.”

Invite students come look very closely at the three documents related to the flag. How do theseimages display that icons can readjust over time? for example, there room differentnumbers the stars on each image. Why might some symbols readjust and others continue to be the same? keep in mind that whilethe United claims may change over the years, some of its people’s ideas about the country remain the same.Challenge students to think that other examples of symbols that have adjusted over time.

Show student the “All American Medley” quilt. Ask student to determine the signs of the unified Statesthat appear on the quilt (the Liberty Bell, the bald eagle, the flag, fireworks, famous American foods, figuresrepresenting the diversity of the American people, and so on). You may need to help students identify symbolsnot currently covered in discussion of the primary resource set. Ask college student why lock think this quilt was made.Explain the the quilt can have to be designed to present the quilt maker’s pride in America. Ask college student howthey feel around living in the unified States. Challenge students to develop their own architecture for a quilt the usesAmerican symbols to present how lock feel.

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Play the sound recording of the national anthem. Questioning students wherein they might have heard this song before.Do any kind of of the students understand the words come the song? give students a opportunity to sing the song. Then, use “TheStar-Spangled Banner” public college song sheet and the sound record to teach the course the national anthem.