nitrogen gas is specify as N2. That is moleculer fixed will end up being 28. For its one mole the is that 28gram. According to mole ide in one mole over there is 6.022*10^23 moles space present. For this reason mass that 1 molecule the nitogen gas is 28/(6.022*10^23) gram. Settle it and also u will gain answer.

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Actually fixed of 1 atom of nitrogen is 14 u(u=atomic massive unit) mass of 1 mole=mass the 1 atom of nitrogen * Avagadro"s no. * 1.6 *10^ (-24)(since 1 amu=1.6* 10^(-24) gm) =14*6.022*10^(23)*1.6* 10^(-24) =14 gm


1 mole of Nitrogen has actually 28 g mass. Together Nitrogen gas is consisted of of two Nitrogen facets Each nitrogen has actually Atmoic massive 14 g therefore N2 will have actually 2x14 = 28 g.

As we know that no. Of moles = given mass/molar mass likewise no. Mole = no.of particles(atoms,molecules etc)/avogadro no.(No) as we understand Avogadro"s number=6.023*10^23 therefore no. That moles=1/6.023*10^23 molar fixed of nitrogen = 14*2=28 for this reason no. Of moles = mass/28 1/6.023*10^23=mass/28 mass=28/6.023*10^23...

Nitrogen always exists as a dimer for this reason the massive of the molecular is to it is in calculated by multiplying atomic mass the nitrogen through 2 which way 14*2=28
Nitrogen molecule mass is 28 1mole of n2 is 28gram because that 1molecule of nitrogen divide 28by avagadro number 6.022 10^23 therefore ans will certainly be 28/6.022 10^23=4.64 10^-23
14 grams massive = number of moles x molar fixed 1 mole= loved one mass in grams that that certain element
mass that 1 mole=mass of 1 atom of nitrogen * Avagadro"s no. * 1.6 *10^ (-24)(since 1 amu=1.6* 10^(-24) gm) =14*6.022*10^(23)*1.6* 10^(-24) =14 gm
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