What is Phosphorus Pentoxide?

Phosphorus Pentoxide is a chemical link whose empirical formula is P2O5 and also whose molecular formula is P4O10. In ~ ambient temperatures, this link exists as a white solid the is crystalline in nature. Phosphorus pentoxide is an mountain anhydride that is obtained from phosphoric acid. That is highly hygroscopic and is, therefore, used as a dehydrating agent and as a desiccant.

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P2O5 (or P4O10) have the right to be prepared by burning elemental P4 (tetra-phosphorus) in an environment containing a adequate amount of oxygen. The chemistry reaction for the preparation of P2O5 is provided below.

P4 + 5O2 → P4O10

This link is a resource of pure phosphoric acid.

Structure of Phosphorus Pentoxide

The structure of a phosphorus pentoxide molecule is portrayed below.


Structure of Phosphorus Pentoxide

It deserve to be listed that the P=O bond size in this compound is 143 picometers and the P-O bond size is 160 picometers.

Properties of Phosphorus Pentoxide

Physical Properties

Phosphorus pentoxide is a white solid i beg your pardon does not have any distinct odour.The molar massive of phosphorus pentoxide coincides to 283.9 g/mol.The density of this solid is 2.39 g/cm3.The melting suggest of this P2O5 is 613K. That is boiling suggest corresponds come 633K (however, it experience sublimation at this temperature).

Chemical Properties

Phosphorus pentoxide experience violent hydrolysis as soon as exposed to water. This reaction is extremely exothermic.This compound crystallizes in four different polymorphs.It is highly corrosive and must, therefore, be maintained away indigenous metals.

Uses that P2O5

This compound is a really potent dehydrating agent (since it experience hydrolysis in an exothermic manner).Phosphorus pentoxide is also used in part organic synthesis reactions. For example, that is supplied in the ready of nitriles from main amides.It is a crucial component that the Onodera reagent, i beg your pardon is widely provided in the oxidation that alcohols.This compound can likewise be used to convert particular mineral acids into their anhydrides. Because that example, N2O5 have the right to be ready from HNO3 through the assist of P2O5.

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