The surface of the colony* is flat and rugged.The surface of the colony* is not flat and also rugged.*(a nest of fungi)

Flat is in this case refers come the key of the colony. From the side view, it"s flat, like a computer disc.

What is opposing of flat, because that this context? Is it non-flat?

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There are too plenty of antonyms to count! It counts on just how you want to usage the word:

The cola is no flat, it"s bubbly. The tire is not flat, it"s full. Her lecture was not flat, it was exciting. His humor isn"t flat, it"s wry. The earth isn"t flat, it"s round.Business is not flat, it"s booming. That roof is no flat, it"s sloped. Ours piano is not flat, it"s sharp. His feet space not flat, they"re arched. The tax range isn"t flat, it"s graduated. His refusal of the allegations were not flat, they were wavering.

You make the classic "mistake" of asking for an antonym there is no furnishing a context! I"m guessing you had actually something an ext like this in mind:

The countryside isn"t flat, it"s hilly.

but that might not work close to a valley.

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If you"re talking around the surface ar of a swarm of fungus, and also it is no flat, over there are many different terms you can use based on the level of "not-flat-ness" (patent pending):

Rough - Think like the texture of sandpaper or jeansRibbed - prefer corduroy pants varied - prefer rolling hills. Locations are flat, and others slopedSloped - prefer a ring hill, or the peak of a mushroomCracked - has cracks in itCreviced - prefer cracked, but deeperUndulating - marked by steep rolling hillsPockmarked - to fill with tiny holes, favor a spongeFissured - similar to cracked, but strongerCraggy - like the rocky face of a cliffCleft - separation in the middle, choose a cleft chinMountainous - MountainsSevere - SteepPitted - prefer pockmarked, yet deeper holesNot flat - exactly what the says, something"s not flat.

They all have subtle meanings, implying different levels of "not-flat-ness."

Also, together others have pointed out, you would not commonly say that something is both flat and rugged. In English, rugged is typically used come amplify the adjective describing just how unflat miscstarrkingschool.netaneous is. So mountains are rugged, but a level plains land more than likely wouldn"t necessarily be, uneven you"re trying to indicate that at first glance the prairie looked flat and easy to cross yet it rotate out not to be since it was complete of danger.