Troubleshoot worries related to the CD, DVD or Blu-ray journey on your desktop or Laptop computer.

Summary: Troubleshoot problems related come the CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive on your desktop or Laptop computer.See less Troubleshoot problems related to the CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive on your desktop computer or Laptop computer.

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This short article has details on how to troubleshoot worries related to the CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive on your desktop computer or Laptop computer. The instructions below will assist you diagnose and resolve issues if her CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive is can not to eject the disc.

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The CD, DVD or Blu-ray journey on your computer may not have the ability to eject the disc.

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Use the troubleshooting instructions below if your CD, DVD or Blu-ray journey is not able to eject a disc. The indict will aid you deal with the trouble in part instances if the drive has actually not failed completely.

The instructions listed below can be supplied for both internal and also external CD, DVD or Blu-ray drives however some the the fundamentals could be a tiny different.

The indict below applies to the adhering to Microsoft home windows Operating Systems, but some instructions might slightly vary with older variation of Microsoft windows (Windows Vista or home windows XP):

Microsoft windows 10 Microsoft home windows 8 or 8.1 Microsoft windows 7 Microsoft home windows Vista Microsoft windows XP

Troubleshooting steps

Click on the troubleshooting steps listed below for more instructions. If the issue is not resolved, continue to the following troubleshooting step.

Eject the disc in ~ the operation System

Windows traveler or file Explorer has an option to eject the CD/DVD tray manually in ~ the operating System. To eject the tray within the operating System, follow this steps:

press the Windows key + E to open Windows traveler or file Explorer. Click on Computer or My PC top top the left pane that the window. Right-click on the CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive icon and also select Eject. ago to peak

Manually eject the key within device BIOS

To much better isolate if the worry is led to by the drive itself or some third party application which might be resulting in the issue, girlfriend can shot to eject the tray from within the mechanism BIOS. Come eject the tray within the mechanism BIOS, follow this steps:

Restart your computer and also tap the F2 an essential while the is restarting. If the tray eject is successful within the mechanism BIOS, restart the computer and also boot into the operating System. If eject doesn"t occupational within the operation System, proceed to the following troubleshooting step. earlier to optimal

Use the emergency eject option (tray-load drives only)

You have the right to manually eject the tray of the optical drive utilizing a paperclip. This is applicable for computers with tray-load cd driver only.

rotate OFF her computer. Open the paperclip until there is at least 1 come 2 customs (2 come 5 cm) the is straight. Straight under or above the drive bay door (the part that "ejects" the disc) there need to be a very tiny pinhole.
figure 1: Optical Disk journey (Desktop)
Drive standing LED
Emergency Eject
Eject Button
number 2: Optical Disk journey (Laptop)
Drive condition LED
Eject Button
Emergency Eject
Insert the paperclip into the pinhole and push that in gently. Remove and also reinsert the paperclip as frequently as needed to eject the journey bay sufficient to take a host of it. Progressively pull on the drive bay until it"s totally retracted. Take treatment not to continue to pull if you feel any kind of resistance. Push the Eject button again to close the tray. (Desktops only) ago to optimal

Install or upgrade the Quickset chauffeurs (slot-load cd driver only)

The QuickSet utility provides easy accessibility to configure setups for strength management, icon and also font size, display brightness, and also optical drive tray eject and other features on most Laptop and also select desktop computer computers.

Refer to the knowledgebase write-up Drivers and also Downloads FAQ to uncover out an ext information on just how to download and install a driver.

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Close the CD/DVD playback or record software

Some CD/DVD playback or recording software may reason the optical decaying drive no to eject. Ensure come close all such applications before trying to eject the disc.

You may additionally want come look in the System Tray in ~ the bottom-right edge of the screen. If you see an icon that to represent the CD/DVD playback or record software, right-click ~ above the icon and also select Close or Exit.

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Install the recent BIOS update on your computer proposal updating the BIOS as part of your booked update cycle. Choose Operating System and also driver revisions, the update includes feature improvements or alters that will assist keep your system software current and compatible with other device modules (hardware, firmware, drivers and also software) and also providing protection updates and also increased stability.

Refer come the knowledgebase article How to update your mechanism BIOS within windows for an ext information.

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Run the pc Diagnostics ~ above the Optical Disk drive (CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive)

The optical disk drive diagnostic might require friend to have actually certain varieties of optical media available, such as a CD-RW, DVD-RW, or Blu-ray disc. Before beginning the diagnostic, certain you have the proper media the you great to troubleshoot.

To run a Diagnostic on your CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive, browse to the Optical drive Diagnostic and follow the instructions