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Adding a New Product Activation Key (PAK) to a Smart Account

Step 1:

Go Software Centraland log in with your account.

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Step 2:

In theTraditional Licensessection, clickAccess LRP.


Step 3:

In the Show Smart Accountand Virtual Account drop-down lists, confirm that the correct respective accounts are selected.

Note: If the system displays theWelcome To The License Registration Portal alert dialog box, you can select Do not show this message again to prevent it from being displayed again.


Step 4:

On the PAKs or Tokens tab, click Add New PAKs/Tokens.


Step 5:

In the Add New PAKs/Tokens dialog box, from the Virtual Account drop-down list, select your Virtual Account, and then enter your product activation key (PAK) in the Enter PAK or Token Id field. Click OK.

Step result: The system displays theValidate License Ownership dialog box.


Step 6:

In the Validate License Ownership dialog box, in the PIN Number field, enter your PIN number, and then click OK.

Step Result: The system displays the PAKs/Tokens added successfully message.

Note: If you experience any issue with validating license ownership, refer to the Troubleshooting section of this article.

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If you experience an issue during the product activation key (PAK) registration process, open a case in Support Case Manager (SCM).