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To retrieve the most relevant find results, friend will must construct a search string.

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A find string is a combination of keywords, truncation symbols, and also boolean operator you get in intothe search box the a library database or find engine.

Are girlfriend finding too lot or not sufficient information? shot using boolean operators and truncation symbols, or usage alternative, narrower, or broader keywords to vary your results.

Boolean operators room connector words, such together AND, OR, and also NOT, that are used to incorporate or exclude words in a search string for an ext focused results.


business and ethicscooking and also Spain

Results contain all of the search terms.

hotels OR motelswww OR world vast webtheater OR theatre

Results contain any kind of of the find terms, yet not necessarily all of them.

java no coffeeClinton no Bill

Excludes results containingthe 2nd search term.

Truncation or wildcard symbols enable you to look for variations the words. Castle often increase your search results.

For example, looking on sport* would lug up variations such together sport, sports, sporting, sporty, etc.

Note: The truncation symbol varies by database. Above the database’s “help” or “search tips” pages because that details.

This tool is designed come teach you how to create a search string using Boolean logic. Cut and also paste the search string results right into the find box of a library database or search engine.

Concept 1andConcept 2andConcept 3
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Search termsSearch termsSearch terms
List alternating terms because that each concept. These can be synonyms, or they can be certain examples the the concept. Use single words, or "short phrases" in estimates or or or or
or or or or
or or or or

For more advanced

searching tips, visit their Inside search site.

Search StrategiesExamples
Queries space not case sensitive.

Barack Obama and barack obama create the very same results.

Results will typically include every word or punctuation mark included in the query. Some stop words orexceptions apply.

Keep queries descriptive, but use as few terms as possible. Avoid organic language.

Use colorado statehood instead ofwhen walk colorado very first become a state.

Google instantly truncates search terms.To protect against this, usage a + authorize in prior of every term.

Aquery top top child retrives results with "children" and "childcare".

Use dual quotations clues (" ")to search termsas precise phrase.

A ask on "Barack Hussein Obama II" will certainly retrieve just those sites that describe Obama through his fullname. Sites that describe him as simply "Barack Obama" may be overlooked.

Use the site: attribute to limit your results to a specific website or class of websites.

The questions cloning will just retrieve articles about cloning native the online version of the wall surface Street Journal. A query on cloning will just retrieve outcomes within the government domain.

To enable for either of numerous words to appear in your results, use the OR operator. The operator have to be in all caps.

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A questions on hotel OR lodging OR inn will retrieve outcomes with any or all of these terms.