Jim Collins and also David Lee Murphy wrote this song around a pair riding a tractor top top a date. Collins shows up to have a point for penning "tractor" songs having actually previously co-written Kenny Chesney"s 1999 hit single "She think My Tractor"s Sexy."

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Aldean commented in publicity materials with a grin: "There"s nothin" much more romantic 보다 a tractor. If you live in south Georgia, a Saturday night out on the tractor through your girl is most likely not the far-fetched the what might be thought about a good "date night." The song appears to be connecting already, so probably tractors have constantly been romantic, and also everybody simply needed reminding."

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Jesse native Dallas, TxThis album is a pretty great effort because that Jason Aldean. The album carry out well against other modern country artists and also established Aldean as a title performer. Wrangler took notification and used "Crazy Town" in your adverts. "Big environment-friendly Tractor" is a good laid ago song that provides the listener a taste that what songwriter David Lee Murphy brings to the genre.Tim indigenous Murrieta, CaThe music appears to have been composed by Jakob Dylan? this tune is also similiar to "6th Ave Heartache".............musically.Katy from satisfied View, TnI"m sorry, however this song can be taken really perverted.see an ext comments
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