word for qualified of being dissolved
Molalityconcentration of a solution expressed in mole of solute every kilogram of solvent
solventthe dissolving tool in a solution
solutethe problem being dissolved in a solution.

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suspensionwhere particles in a solvent space so large that lock will work out if the mixture is not constantly stirred or agitated.
colloidsparticles that are intermediate in size in between those in solutions and also suspensions kind these mixtres.
tyndall effectsuspended colloid corpuscle are big enough to scater light.
Electrolytea substance the dissolves in water to offer a solution that conducts electrical current.
nonelectrolytea substance the dissolves in water to give
solution equilibriumthe physics state in i m sorry the opposing processes of dissolution and recrystallization the a solute occur at equilibrium
saturated solutiona solution that includes the maximum quantity of liquified solute
Unsaturated solutiona solution that have the right to dissolve more solute under the existing conditions
super saturated solutiona systems that contains an ext dissolved solute 보다 a saturation solution has under the very same conditions
solubilityis the amount the substance forced to type a saturated solution with a details amount of solvent at a specifiic temperature
hydrationthe hopeful ions are attracted come the delta neditive the the oxygen in the water, if the negitive ions room attracted to the delta positive of the hydrogen in the water molecule.
hydratesionic crystalline solids incorporating water molecules into a solid
immiscibleliquid solutes and solvents that are not soluble in every other.
miscibleliquids that dissolve freely in one another in any type of proportion
Henry Lawthe solubility the a gas in a fluid is directly proportional to the partial pressure of the gas on the surface ar of the liquid.

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Effervescencetha fast escape that a gas native a liquid in which that is dissolved
heat the solutionthe net amount of heat energy took in or released when a particular amount of solute disappear in a solventq
exothermica system tgat offers off energy
endothermica system that absorbes energy
solvateda solute bit that is surrounded be solvent molecules
concentrationa measure of the lot of solute in a offered amount of solvent or solution
molaritythe number of moles the a solute every one liter of solution
solutiona homogeneous mixture of two or an ext substances in a solitary phase.