I have actually a 2007 Nissan Altima v 120,000 miles. I would choose this automobile to critical me a tiny while longer. I have not to be the finest caretaker the this automobile due come ignorance and neglect. I usually gained the oil adjusted at the dealer every 5,000 mile using traditional oil. Provided that, what type/brand the oil and also oil filter would certainly you recommend i use? Where perform you usually purchase them? Also, perform you introduce anything else for better/easier oil changes?


I need to ask, due to the fact that you discussed you haven't been acquisition the finest of care, do you have a hands-on 6-speed transmission or automatic CVT? If you have actually the latter, have actually you ever taken the in because that a infection flush?

It is an automatic transmission. No, I have actually not taken it because that a infection flush. I got the automobile with around 75,000 miles on it. I don't understand what maintain was performed, front to getting it.

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I always go with Napa Gold because that my oil filter & and a full synthetic high purpose of use oil being the my vehicle has end 75,000 miles. Ns personally usage Mobile 1 yet it can be expensive yet for the most component it's all personal preference.

Im a large fan the the OEM/Fram ones. Simply avoid the shortest bidder ones. I have seen quite a few show up and they rattle choose crazy as result of something breaking inside. Girlfriend dont want that in your engine.

If you simply commute through it i suggest valvoline or penzoil conventional through a purlator oil filter. That's the cheapest option. I run my 2005 altima ser pretty hard and that's what ns use. I simply did plugs and also valve sheathe gaskets, tho looks clean together a whistle in ~ 149k.

Depending top top mileage and climate i imply 10w-40. It will certainly retain it's viscosity as it warms and also breaks down.

I researched the hell out of oils when i bought my altima ser. The European owner manual says a more thickness oil too. In the research study i did i found plenty of many posts that mobile 1 man-made thinned out with warmth the worst 30 weight became more like 20 weight and 40 weight came to be like a 30 weight. Particularly in a warmer climate.

I've ran every significant brand minus amsoil and also the bet results I've had is v penzoil or valvoline 10w-40 conventional. Lock both it seems to be ~ to preserve oil pressure much better than noþeles else. If you live in a climate the deops listed below 20°F for an extended time you can run 5w-30 for the winter.

When i worked at nissan castle ran 5w-30 for oil transforms unless customers declared otherwise or carried their own oil. I never ever saw any kind of issues.

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Even though contemporary oils and modern-day engines are built much better i still readjust mine every 3-4k miles.