who speak the prologuethe chorus
In what city go the play take placeVerona, Italy
Why room Romeo and also Juliet referred to as “star-cross’d lovers”Because they are doomed to be together
what is the poetic form of the prolgueSonnet
identify every one of this (#2) poetic form’s parts.

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Shakesperean Sonnet, Sonnet, and also ABABCDCDEFEFGG
What carry out the Capulet servants talk about in scene 1?they are pointing out the feud and how they will fight the Montagues.
What is the basis for the feud between the Montagues and also the Capulets?Nobody really knows
why execute Sampson and also Gregory not assault the Montague servants in step 1Because he desires them to begin the fight for this reason he can say the he battled in self-defense
how walk Sampson begin the struggle in step 1by biting his thumb
how is Benvolio various from the other males in the street in step 1He do the efforts to prevent the fight
who restrains mr Capulet from joining the street brawl in step 1Prince
who has actually prohibited street violence in Verona?Prince
what hazard does the Prince do to mr Montague and Lord Capulet?He threatens to death them if there was any fighting
In scene 1, Benvolio defines to the Montagues the Romeo has been behaving how?That Romeo has actually been acting depressed and also not himself.
do Romeo’s parents recognize what is bothering Romeo?No
What walk the Romeo case is the reason of his melancholy?That that is in love, but the girl he loves doesn’t love the back
Why is Rosaline not interested in a relationship?She walk not want to it is in in relationships. She desires to accomplish the “one” and marry him
Whom does lord Capulet think about to be a an excellent match because that Juliet?Paris
What does Paris ask about Capulet?He asks if he can have Juliet’s hand in marriage
What is Capulet’s very first answer?No, that she is still as well young
A bit later on Capulet appears to readjust his mind about Paris’s question. What go he climate tell Paris?if you have the right to win she heart 보다 I will offer you my blessing.
What problem does the maid have?The servant can’t read
What is the name of the ladies Romeo loves?Rosaline
What go the Capulet servant ask Romeo to review for him?The perform of guests for the party
What walk Benvolio convince Romeo that they need to do as soon as they’ve learned that the Capulet’s party?that they must go for this reason Romeo can see various other girls
Why does Romeo agree to go to the party?he wants to watch Rosaline
Why is Romeo comfortable with crashing the Capulet party?He will have the ability to wear a mask the covers his face
Who tells us Juliet’s age?Lord Capulet and Nurse
What go the Nurse, Lady Capulet, and also Juliet discuss in scene 3?They discuss who Juliet is come marry and that she demands to look at Paris at the party.
How go Lady Capulet explain Paris?That that is very an excellent looking and of an excellent status for her
What is Juliet’s response to acquiring married?that the is one honor the she go not desire to have just yet
In step 4, what story go Mercutio tell Romeo in order to shot to cheer that up?the story of Queen Mab, the fairy of dreams
How go Tybalt recognize Romeo in ~ the ball?by Romeo’s voice
What is the Tybalt’s reaction when he realizes that Romeo is?He asks because that his sword and wants come fight him
Why doesn’t Tybalt assault Romeo in ~ the masquerade ball?He does no fight him since Lord Capulet request him no to because he did not desire to cause trouble in his house.

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What is the an initial impression the Romeo and also Juliet have actually of every other?Love at an initial sight
Explain what the conservation between Romeo and also Juliet.About kissing
Who very first tells Juliet around Romeo’s identity?The nurse
Who an initial tells Romeo about Juliet’s identity?The nurse