I thrived up a dedicated fan the The Dukes the Hazzard. That was, to mine childhood self, one exciting, funny, and also understandable grown-up show. Ns was never able to to convince my dad to run our auto like the battle each other boys jumped the basic Lee, back I sure did try. Popping wheelies and rolling end logs v my large Wheel would have to suffice -- and also I"m certain I"m not the only boy that did the same. So let"s look earlier at the wonderful show and some things that you might not know about it.

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1. The straightforward story of the show can be traced earlier to Jerry Elijah Rushing, an really moonshiner in phibìc Carolina. In ~ the age of 12, he started making deliveries, at some point using a modified 1958 Chrysler 300D because that the job. The car, called “Traveller” after basic Lee’s horse, to be rigged to dump oil ~ above the roadway to impair law enforcement vehicles in pursuit. Rushing was frequently joined by his brother Johnny, and also sometimes by his woman cousin Delane. Yet they just delivered the moonshine, i m sorry was in reality made by Rushing’s Uncle Worley. Rushing eventually left the business and became an accomplished hunter, specifically with a bow. His stories around his adventures inspired the 1975 movie Moonrunners, which consequently led to The Dukes the Hazzard.

2. Producer Gy Waldron developed the show because he witnessed that one sixth of every music record sales to be country, however there were no television mirrors aimed straight at the nation market. Episodes were created in the country music rigid style, or together Waldron put it “...when you acquire through watching an episode, replay it in Nashville, and somebody should have the ability to write a pretty an excellent country song about it.”


3. John Schneider (Bo Duke), a brand-new Yorker, gift himself together something of a redneck when he auditioned for the duty of Bo Duke. He flourished stubble, carried a can of beer, placed a wad the chewing tobacco into his mouth, and claimed to it is in from a tiny town in Georgia. Schneider additionally knew the driving skill might be useful, so he claimed to it is in a graduate the the Georgia institution of High power Driving, i beg your pardon didn’t exist. He gained the part.


4. Tom Wopat (Luke Duke) has actually made some success in the music business, release albums and also touring since 1981. Once the show was canceled, Wopat held the #1 slot in the Billboard country chart.

5. Sorrel Brooke, who played boss Hogg, was a great intellect. A classically trained shakespearean actor, he was a graduate that Columbia and Yale and also fluent in five languages. Brooke to be especially achieved at replicating dialects, and also based his character’s accent on that of south Carolina senator Strom Thurmond. His belly was additionally fake -- Brooke wore a padded suit to give him the extra girth the he essential to play the rotund Hogg.

6. James Bes

t prospered up in poverty and from a broken family to become a phenomenally successful actor by the moment that that was cast as Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane. He operated as an achieved acting teacher for years and provided instruction to, amongst other actors, Burt Reynolds, Clint Eastwood, Farrah Fawcett, and also Quentin Tarantino, as well as less famed students while serving together a professor at the college of Mississippi. In his preventive time, he gained a black color belt in karate and now paints (warning: auto-sound).

7. Ben Jones (Cooter Davenport) was a member of congress from 1989 come 1993. His works have appeared in The Washington Post, USA Today, and also The Weekly Standard. Like some other cast members native the original show, that disapproved the the 2005 movie and referred to it as “sleazy”. In one interview through Billy Rae Bates, Jones said:

I don’t understand what castle were thinking (with the movie). They completely missed the whole suggest of the show. Our present was type of favor a western, a 1940s western. The Old B westerns, the Roy Rogers ones, lock weren’t realistic; they were fantasies; you might fall turn off a cliff and also not pains yourself. There to be values and a an excellent sense the right and wrong...The reason civilization watched this show and encouraged their children to clock it is it’s a good old-fashioned American show. These fight it out boys room heroes; they danger their resides to carry out the appropriate thing. If i hear that once, ns hear the a thousand time a day, ‘Thank you for making a show that our kids can watch.’ you don’t take the audience and that show and do what they did to it.


8. Catherine Bach (Daisy Duke) herself come up v her character’s denim short-shorts, bring about the garment being called “Daisy Dukes”. The original plan was to have actually Daisy stay a miniskirt.

9. The an initial five episodes were shot in northern Georgia. Street scenes because that the ar seat room actually indigenous Covington, Georgia, which has actually a little Dukes of Hazzard museum in the ago of the A Touch of nation cafe. The rest of the present was filmed in California.

10. During the filming that the pilot episode, two directors were eating breakfast in the town square the Covington when they heard a vehicle drive by the played the opening bars come “Dixie” together the horn. This, they thought, must be in the show. They chased under the owner, bought the horn out of his car for $300, and installed that in a general Lee.

11. The building used as The Boar’s Nest collection is quiet around, yet it’s currently a church.

12. After the first season, it distressed producer Gy Waldron that the actors was completely white. Therefore in subsequent seasons, visiting commonwealth agents the investigated boss Hogg were black, as was the sheriff the the adjoining Chickasaw County.

13. Before the fifth season, Tom Wopat and John Schneider left the show over a merchandising royalties dispute and were replaced by actors Christopher Mayer (Vance Duke) and also Byron Cherry (Coy Duke) as a different collection of battle each other cousins. Eventually, Wopat, Schneider, and the studio compromised and also resolved your dispute. Lock returned before the 5th season to be over.

14. A Dukes that Hazzard convention dubbed DukesFest was held every year from 2001 to 2007, held by Ben Jones. In 2004, the attracted around 25,000 people. Among its occasional features were stunt vehicle drivers jumping (and demolishing) general Lee replicas.

15. The show used around 150 basic Lees, because usually one was ruined in each illustration as a an outcome of the stunt work. That’s a lot of Dodge Chargers, and also during one duration of the show’s run, Warner Bros. Had actually a shortage. So its employee left note on the windshields the Chargers in grocery store parking lots supplying to to buy the cars.

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16. Once the present ended, Warner Bros. Had actually 17 general Lees left, and also many preventive parts. It invite a fan named Wayne Wooten to collection up a non-profit coporation, group to distribute the leftovers to devoted fans, listed that the fans never ever charge money for public appearances of this cars.

17. To do the jumps work, general Lees had actually to be weighted under in the earlier to compensate because that the load of the engine in the front. The stunt supervisors welded stole boxes right into the trunks that the car and added weights as necessary, commonly 300-400 pounds. The furthermore and greater a jump was, the more weight was crucial to balance the car.

18. So that the jumping scenes to be fresh, stock footage was rarely used. Every jumping scene recorded on movie was usually presented only once.


19. The very first hood-slide throughout the basic Lee was actually an accident by Tom Wopat. The directors liked it so much that they decided to do it a clip of the show.

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20. Sonny Shroyer (Enos Strate) acquired his very own spin-off collection in 1980 licensed has been granted Enos. The featured the Dukes that Hazzard character a LAPD officer. It lasted a single season.

21. There to be a crossover episode with Alice. In a 1983 illustration of that display entitled “Mel Is Hogg Tied”, boss Hogg showed up in Phoenix and tried to buy Mel’s diner.

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22. In 1983, Hanna-Barbera released an animated collection called The Dukes. That was around the global travels that the Dukes and also Boss Hogg. The present endured only one year.

23. There to be a 1997 reunion movie referred to as The Dukes that Hazzard: Reunion! only one basic Lee was found in the possession of Warner Bros., and it to be dilapidated and also covered through bird droppings. The directors left the in the condition, unwashed, and also shot the general Lee being hauled the end of retirement through the battle each other boys.

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