From the infant mammals book:Moles are born with their eyes closed. Their ears are situated inside the head, however they can not hear at this age. Your skin is pink. Formula feeding every hour.1 week, continue to feeding every hour.2 weeks-fur develops3 weeks eyes open4 weeks wean.5 main release.Are you certain you have actually a mole? It says their birthing season is April to May. Shrew birthing season varies according come species, the selection of the birthing season is March come November.Formula 1 part KMR powder, 1/3 part Multi-Milk flour adn 2 parts water. Since their management is really high, feeding mole and also shrew babies every hour, until they are eating on your own. Cut earlier on feedings when they have begun to eat solids adn when they are not together willing to eat at each feeding.Weaning diet:In the first stages that weaning, offer baby food chicken, wet cat chow and also canned cat food. As soon as this is embraced well, sell some of the adhering to foods.EarthwormsGrubsCricketsMealworms, waxwormsGround beefDog foodMiceBecause of your high metabolism, administer a continuous supply of foodstuffs in the cage.Natural diet:Moles: Earworms, insects, grubs, spiders, larvae, pupaeShrews: Earthworms, beetles insects, grasshoppers, caterpillars, ants, little rabbits voles and also mice. They will certainly eat what lock can and also cache the rest for later.Release Criteria:Rlease moles and shrews when they are completely weaned and eating on their own. Any type of time of work is appropriate. Moles are really territorial and also will nto tolerate another adult in your area. Carry out not release young moles right into an existing mole tunnel. The very least shrews are an ext social and also usually don"t mind share a burrow.Special Considerations:They spend most of their time underground. They depend on their feeling of smell and also touch to find food as they have poor eyesight and hearing. Huge aquariums can be appropriate cages if they are "furnished" well. Provide a mix of around 6 inches of peat moss, leaf litters and also soil and also an assortment that PVC pipes and carboard tubes for the babies to usage as tunnels. Move the pets to larger cages with little guage wire when they are weaned. Hole logs room a an excellent natural furnishing for your cage. Moles prefer sandy soils.(Reuniting Stratagies: for burrowing or tunneling types reuniting is rarely an option. The babies will stay underground uneven the mommy does not go back to feed them. That is safe to speak that any type of babies that burrowing or tunneling types found over ground will need help.

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Really young babies will certainly die in the burrow.)Hope this helps!
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