Answer crucial to IS 75 army Resources in Emergency Management. The purpose of the IS-75 army Resources in Emergency management course is to carry out participants with summary of U.S. Army resources potentially easily accessible to help civilian authorities, and procedures for obtaining and integrating military resources right into disaster response and recovery operations. You may be interested in our FEMA IS 700 Answer crucial and our FEMA IS 800 price Key.

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Course Objectives:

Define key terms related to army resources because that emergency management.Plan for army resources in emergency management.Identify differences, including legal authority and status, between the following military resources: energetic duty military, army reserves, and also National Guard.Describe available and unique capabilities noted by army resources.Explain the levels of military response obtainable to civilian emergency management authorities.Describe the integration of armed forces resources in accordance with the National an answer Framework (NRF) and also the national Incident monitoring System (NIMS).

Primary Audience

This food is intended because that a civilian audience desiring one awareness level of knowledge around the usage of army resources in emergency management.


IS-700.a national Incident monitoring System (NIMS), one Introduction

IS-800.b National solution Framework, an Introduction

From IS-75: military Resources in Emergency administration Official Course


During a commonwealth response, the federal Coordinating Officer (FCO) only works v the DoD. A. True B. False

These voluntary forces are commonly trained in specialized disciplines such together law, communication, search and also rescue, or medicine. A. Assistance defense forces B. State defense forces C. Armed forces defense forces D. Field defense forces

This is a non-binding, cooperation arrangement amongst its members that offers a legal structure for claims to help one another in controlling a disaster or one emergency that has actually been claimed by the branch of the affected state. A. DoD indict 6055.06 B. Emergency Management help Compact C. Immediate response Authority D. Memorandum of Agreement

Which armed forces component belongs to the assorted states ~ above a day-to-day basis? A. Make reservation B. National Guard C. Energetic Duty

This assistant to the Air pressure is a volunteer civilian organization that performs search and also rescue, courier service, and also disaster relief operations. A. Polite Air Patrol B. Military Auxiliary Radio system C. U.S. Shore Guard auxiliary D. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The national Guard tools of Mass devastation – Civil assistance Teams (CSTs) are commonly called the end to investigate suspiciously substances the are found in the course of various other organizations’ routine tasks such as during a an answer by the police law enforcement or in mail handling by the article Office. A. True B. False

This title 10 energetic Duty officer is assigned to every FEMA an ar and is generally associated in DoD’s response to Defense support to Civilian Authorities (DSCA). A. Commonwealth Coordinating Officer B. Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer C. Defense Coordinating Officer D. State Coordinating Officer

Tribal federal governments can selected to walk to the state because that disaster assistance or deal directly with the federal government. A. True B. False

What is the finest practice for planning for military resources? A. Choosing the suitable planning tools and methods B. Establishing and also developing relationships with armed forces officials C. Obtaining all information relating come ESF activities relating to a disaster D. Researching digital sources and databases for information

What is the rule-of-thumb time border for department of Defense immediate an answer authority operations? A. 12 hours B. 24 hrs C. 36 hours D. 72 hours

Mostly found within the Army, this group of army resources have the right to be linked with transport and engineering. A. Airlift B. Communications C. Hefty equipment

The United claims military, an ext formally recognized as unified States equipped Forces, is composed of how numerous services? A. 3 B. 4 C. Five D. Six

Which action prohibits title 10 forces from conducting regulation enforcement activities? A. Stafford B. Insurrection C. Posse Comitatus D. Economy

Law enforcement tasks are authorized under Immediate an answer Authority (IRA).

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A. True B. False

Usually, the appointment of federal military forces for civil support operations adheres to a Presidential disaster declaration under i m sorry Act? A. Stafford B. Insurrection C. Posse Comitatus D. Economy

Incidents generally begin and end locally and also are regulated on a daily basis at the lowest possible geographical, organizational, and also jurisdictional level. A. True B. False

Which military company is distinctive for that maritime law enforcement authority? A. Air pressure B. Coastline Guard C. Military D. Navy

What military source is connected in many of the general public works regarded the nation’s waterways and seaside areas including dams, levees, and waterway dredging? A. Polite Air Patrol B. Army Auxiliary Radio mechanism C. U.S. Shore Guard assistant D. U.S. Military Corps that Engineers

What triggers long-term Federal recovery programs and an answer assets? A. Presidential significant Disaster Declaration B. Pre-scripted Mission Assignment C. Emergency Management help Compact D. Emergency Declaration

What is the very first line of military solution to many incidents? A. U.S. Maritime Corps B. State Defense forces C. The nationwide Guard D. U.S. Army