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What mortar to usage for shower head pan1. Quikrete Floor Mud2. Quikrete Sand/Topping Mix 3. Sakrete Sand Mix4. DIY shower head Pan Mortar BedShower pan mortar consistencyShower pan mixes: comparisonShower pan materialAcrylic TileFiberglassComposite materialsHow to install a mortared shower pan1. Framework the shower head stall2. Coat the reduced side the the drain with silicone3. Cloak the drainpipe with cement and also PVC primer4. Cut and fit the steel lath and felt come the floor5. Mix and also apply dried deck mud6. Measure and also apply the waterproof membrane7. Mark and cut the end the bolts approximately the drain8. Cut the membrane and install the upper drain plate9. Check and also fix leaks10. Download a strainer on the drain11. Include a waterproof membrane12. Cut and also install the backerboard13. Use mortar and a metal lath14. Place the floor tiles

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Your bathroom’s floor has actually a shower pan i m sorry is waterproof and also collects water then directs it to the drain. The shower pan needs to be installed correctly to support the weight of the users and keep the underlying layers from damages by the water. The ideal mortar mix for the shower pan identify how great the pan will certainly be. If you do a mistake v this one, girlfriend risk ruining the whole shower floor. The best mortar because that shower pans is a mixture of sand and also Portland cement as it create a water-resistant obstacle that have the right to support the load of the shower head unit and also the users. Friend can develop your own with Portland cement and also fine sand (1:5) and 4 quarts water because that 80 lb. That the mixture.

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What mortar to usage for shower pan

Mortar is desired for shower pans over other alternatives such as concrete and cement offered that it bonds much better to other surfaces and is much more moldable. The best mortar mix for shower pans consists of sand and also Portland cement. This will develop a water-resistant barrier which will assistance the weight of the shower head floor and also its users. Types that Mortar Ingredients  Quikrete Floor Mud Portland cement, graded sand, various other components Quikrete Sand/Topping Mix Portland cement, commercial grade sand, various other ingredients Sakrete Sand Mix Portland cement, concrete sand DIY shower head Pan Mortar Bed Portland cement, good sand 
There are three main species of mortar for shower pans as follows:

1. Quikrete Floor Mud

The Quikrete Floor mud is a concrete mix made by QUIKRETE i m sorry is ready for usage in developing shower pans, slate, travertine and also marble floor tiles. When combined with water, it create a smooth and also water-resistant surface ar which is appropriate for shower head pans. You don’t must calculate any type of of the ingredients with the Quikrete mortar mix because that shower pans because they have actually been calculated for you. Just pour the mix right into a container than add water (4 quarts because that each 80 lb. Bag) before applying it come the shower head floor. The benefits of making use of Quikrete Floor Mud encompass the truth that you deserve to use that both indoors and outdoors, you don’t need to calculate the parts, that provides a strong result (5000 psi compressive strength once totally cured), and is easy to form the wanted shape the the floor. The only downside is the it’s not conveniently available.How lengthy should mud bed cure prior to tiling?A mud bed demands to cure because that at the very least 28 days prior to tiling. This ensures the it’s waterproof and has the forced compressive stamin to maintain its shape and also integrity when in use. How plenty of bags of mortar for shower pan?It depends on the dimension of the shower head floor. As lengthy as the floor has in between 2 and 3 inch of thickness in ~ the thickest places and also at the very least 2 inch of thickness in ~ the thinnest, it will certainly be enough. 

2. Quikrete Sand/Topping Mix 

This sand topping mix because that shower pans, additionally by Quikrete, is do from a mix that Portland cement, advertising grade sands and also other components. Unequal Quikrete Floor dirt whose ingredients room consistent, the amount of water necessary for the Quikrete Sand/Topping Mix relies on the contents used to form it. The manufacturer will always indicate the on the bags. 

3. Sakrete Sand Mix

Sakrete Sand Mix is made of Portland cement and also concrete sand and is a popular different to the above options native Quikrete. As well as the shower pan, it deserve to be used for walks, steps and leveling floors both indoors and outdoors. 

4. DIY shower Pan Mortar Bed

You can make your own shower pan concrete mix utilizing sand, cement and water. Mix 1 part of Portland cement v 5 parts of fine sand. For each 80 lbs. That this mix, add 4 quarts that water. Your own shower basic mortar might seem choose a cheaper option but it’s usually not as an excellent as the advertisement alternatives. Both Quikrete Floor Mud and Quikrete Sand/Topping Mix don’t expense much however they’re easier to work-related with and provide better results than DIY options. 

Shower pan mortar consistency

All the shower floor mortar mixes over need to have the very same consistency to acquire the best results. As soon as mixed, you must be may be to kind a sphere with the mix in her palm. The ball should organize its shape but release part water once squeezed. If the sphere collapses ~ above its own, it’s also wet and you have to add much more of the dried mix. If it maintain its shape but doesn’t relax water as soon as squeezed or crumbles apart, it’s as well dry and needs much more water to be added. 

Shower pan mixes: comparison

Quikrete Floor MudQuikrete Sand/Topping MixAffordable Slightly costlierA bit tough to findEasily availableAvailable in 80 lb. BagsAvailable in bags the 10, 40, 60 and 80 poundsEasy to useEasy to use

Shower pan material

Once friend lay the mortar bed for her shower, the shower pan you install on top can be made from the complying with materials:


An acrylic shower pan is do from modified plastic under pressure and also heat to form a solitary piece that’s big enough to fit her bathroom floor. 


While brick is very attractive, it additionally requires a lot of skill and also care to ensure it gives a waterproof seal for the remainder of the floor. It also requires maintain on a continuous basis to keep its integrity. Once installing tiles as the shower head pan, for sure the mortar bed is at the very least 2 inches thick on the external edges that the floor and also it reduces towards the shower drain to enable water to circulation to the drain. 


Fiberglass shower head pans are created from polymer reins which have been strengthened with woven glass fibers. Although cheaper 보다 the alternatives, they’re more likely to obtain scratches and also stains. 

Composite materials

A mix of various materials can be offered to create a shower pan whose qualities will depend on the materials used. Because that example, acrylic deserve to be strengthened v fiberglass to do a much better shower pan than the separation, personal, instance materials.For the preformed shower head pans such together those made from fiberglass, acrylic and also composite materials, the manufacturer requirements to provide the thickness necessary for the pan to carry out correctly. 

How to download a mortared shower pan

For this exercise, you need premixed mortar, drill, paddle, drill screw attachments, hardwood screws, bucket, pipeline wrench, level, silicone, waterproof membrane, knife, waterproofing membrane and also metal lath. Make certain the plumbing is currently carried out and the shower has actually a shower head drain and also a drainpipe trap before installing the shower pan. Her shower needs a P-trap to keep sewage system gases out of the house.Install the mortared shower pan as follows:

1. Framework the shower stall

Choose one area because that the new shower stall making certain the drainpipe has been cut out. If the subfloor is shaky, replace it v a ¾-inch item of exterior plywood. Usage pressure-treated hardwood planks to create the bottom plates because that the shower stall. The studs because that the walls must be focused on the bottom plates in ~ intervals of 16 inches. Use 3-inch decking screws to close the bottom plates come the floor. Assistance the political parties of the membrane with 2×10 toenail blocking in between the studs. Use 3 pressure-treated planks of wood at 2×4 customs to type the curb the the bathroom. You deserve to skip this action if you room reinstalling the shower pan in one old bathroom constructing a brand-new shower pan in a bathroom. 

2. Coat the reduced side that the drainpipe with silicone

Use silicone beads to coat the inside and also outside of the bolt circle of the drain in the floor. 

3. Coat the drainpipe with cement and also PVC primer

Coat the inside of the drainpipe with cement and a PVC primer then twist the drainpipe onto the waste line in the floor. ~ the cement has dried up, insert the drain bolts right into the lower drain plate. Leave about ¾ inches of the drainpipe bolts exposed. 

4. Cut and also fit the metal lath and felt to the floor

Measure the size of the shower floor then reduced a 15-pound item of felt to fit this size. Place it top top the floor then clip it in place. Using the same measurements, reduced a steel lath then also stapple the on the floor. Make certain there space no bumps on the lath and felt. The metal lath gives a foothold because that the mortar mix. Next, reduced a circular hole roughly the drainpipe hole. The hole must be at least an inch wider than the size of the feet to allow for the next steps. 

5. Mix and also apply dry deck mud

Follow the instructions on the mortar mix to mix enough for the entirety bathroom floor. Usage a latex additive to mix the dried deck mud instead of water. Plug the drainpipe hole with a piece of cloth then to water the mix ~ above the floor. Evenly spread out it out with a lumber float then allow it to dried overnight. 

6. Measure and apply the waterproof membrane

Measure the waterproof membrane such the it’s 9 inches larger than the floor top top the sides and 16 inches larger on the curb of the toilet floor. You deserve to make larger pieces of the waterproof membrane through solvent-welding piece together. The area about the drainpipe should it is in reinforced through solvent-welding an additional piece of the membrane on the initial one (about 10 customs in diameter).Lay the membrane onto to the floor, smooth out any air balloon in it then staple in ~ above the floor to secure it. Do the exact same for the excess components of the membrane i m sorry will increase up ~ above the wall surface and curb. Solvent-weld the pieces then clip them to the wall surface and curb. 

7. Mark and cut the end the bolts about the drain

Feel the floor end the membrane then note with an X over each bolt roughly the drainpipe hole. Use a spicy knife to reduced an X over the bolts to expose them. Unscrew the bolts in readiness for installing the upper drainpipe plate. 

8. Cut the membrane and install the upper drainpipe plate

Feel the area between the bolts then reduced out the drain hole exactly about the hole and also no larger. Location the upper drain plate into the hole making sure it aligns with the screw holes about it. Screw the bolts come secure the drain plate over the drain hole. 

9. Check and fix leaks

Plug the drain hole then fill the shower head pan through water 3 customs deep then wait for 24 hours. If the water level is the same, your pan is watertight. If not, it would have actually leaked either with a loose drain hole, punctures in the membrane, or the sides. Tighten the drainpipe hole bolts climate fix any kind of punctures making use of a patch of the membrane and also glue. Because that the political parties of the shower head floor, solvent-weld the membrane come the wall surface then wait because that the solvent to dry up. Test for leaks again. 

10. Download a strainer on the drain

Wrap Teflon ice cream (plumber’s tape) roughly the object of the strainer 보다 screw it into the drain hole’s flange. Covering it v masking ice cream to safeguard it from thinset and also mortar in the following steps. 

11. Add a waterproof membrane

Apply a waterproof membrane on the wall surface of the restroom such the it consist of at the very least 3 inch of the membrane native the floor and parts that the wall. If the bathroom will be made of wooden walls, make sure the entirety of the wall is covered in this waterproof membrane. Because that bathrooms with glass or concrete walls, a little layer that the waterproof membrane is enough. 

12. Cut and also install the backerboard

Cut backerboard come the size of the walls then location it ~ above shims ½ inches in size then close the screws to the walls through backerboard screws. The screws need to remain at the peak inch of the flooring membrane to mitigate punctures i m sorry may result in leaks. Once the backerboard is screwed right into place, eliminate the shims then to fill the locations at the bottom with caulk and also thinset. 

13. Apply mortar and also a metal lath

Mark top top the walls v a pencil 3 inches indigenous the floor. Measure up the street from the wall surfaces to the drainpipe hole then calculate the slope to ¼ inches for every horizontal foot (1ft). Apply a layer of mortar adhered to by a steel lath and another class of mortar while preserving the slope towards the drain. 

14. Place the floor tiles

After the mortar is dry (overnight), scrape off any kind of bumps and imperfections ~ above the floor climate evenly spread out a layer of thinset ~ above it. Press the tiles into the thinset in line through the steep of the bathroom. Smaller sized tiles are better at conforming come the steep of the bathroom than larger ones. Let the tiles cure overnight then use grout in-between the tiles and also around the edges whereby the tiles accomplish the walls.