Posted by TheFallen on October 14, 2003In reply to: Aphorisms indigenous Benjamin Franklin posted by ESC on October 14, 2003: : have the right to someone describe to me this aphorisms native Benjamin Franklin please:: : 1- points which hurt, instruct: : 2- There are no ugly loves nor handsome prisons.: : 3- come err is human, come repent divine, to persist devilish.: : 4- fine done is far better than well said.: : 5- Declaiming versus pride is not constantly a authorize of humility.: : 6- need never made a good bargain.: : 7- The worst wheel of the cart makes the most noise.: : 8- What you would certainly seem come be, be really.: : 9- What is a butterfly? A caterpillar dressed.: My ideal guesses:: 1- points which hurt, instruct. It"s the same as "no pain, no gain." We have the right to learn indigenous painful, unpleasant things.: 2- There space no ugly loves no one handsome prisons. If you love someone, that or she is beautiful. A prison, no matter just how luxurious, is tho ugly because takes far freedom.: 3- come err is human, come repent divine, come persist devilish. It may be good to repent. However don"t walk overboard due to the fact that it"s annoying. World get tired of hearing around it.: 4- fine done is much better than well said. Action speak louder 보다 words. That is far better to act than to just talk.: 5- Declaiming against pride is not always a sign of humility. To store talking about how humble one is, is really boastful and also proud.: 6- requirement never made a an excellent bargain. It"s difficult to drive a hard bargain when you"re desperate. Beggars can"t it is in choosers.: 7- The worst wheel the the cart provides the most noise. The wheel that"s about to autumn off makes the many noise. The troublemaker in a group is frequently the loudest.: 8- What you would certainly seem come be, be really. If you desire to it is in a good person, don"t just act good. It is in good.: 9- What is a butterfly? A caterpillar dressed. Wings are the just difference between the humble caterpillar and also the beautiful butterfly.I can"t in general quibble v ESC"s opinions, however will add my two pence precious on a pair of the above.3) i don"t think the "persist" describes the repenting".

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My take it on this expression is this: it"s just hman to do mistakes, but if one climate regrets those errors and asks because that fstarrkingschool.netiveness, then that"s important good. However, if one continues to go the exact same errors (especially if knowingly), climate that"s a authorize of evil.9) Don"t be fooled through flashy outside appearances, or if you"d rather, don"t judge a publication by that is cover, or even, beauty is just skindeep.Aphorisms from Benjamin Franklin Lewis 16/October/03Ezoicreport this ad