Abraham Lincoln was a prolific writer and public speaker. And also much of the wisdom he common lives on come this day. However, few of Abe’s most famous quotes could not really be his at all! carry out you think you can identify the genuine articles? 

Test your Abraham Lincoln Knowledge 

“A home divided against itself cannot stand.” 

You’ll frequently hear this quote during situations in i m sorry members that a team are at odds and believe the without unanimous agreement, the team will collapse. It’s ideal then the these words, drawn from the Bible, to be indeed talked by Lincoln during a campaign speech in which the spoke versus slavery.  

Did Abe say it? YES 

Folks space usually about as happy as they make up their minds to be. 

This inspiring quote is often offered up as a reminder the we’re the creators of our very own happiness. And while Lincoln probably would have supported this notion of personal responsibility, yes no proof to suggest he’s the source of the quote. Instead, it’s assumed the first appearance that this quote was in a newspaper article about brand-new Year’s resolutions. 

Did Abe speak it? NO 

“Always be affected by each other in mind that your very own resolution come succeed, is much more important than any other one thing.” 

There are many who believe, as this quote states, that success involves those who truly desire it, nevertheless of things like education, opportunity, and also circumstances. Apparently Lincoln was one of those believers, because he did certainly write this line in support of one aspiring lawyer. 

Did Abe to speak it? YES 

“Whatever you are, be a great one.” 

This saying is a wonderful method to repeat someone that a human need not hold critical position or carry a an elaborate title (for example, President that the unified States) to be a success. You must just do your best. Offered Lincoln’s humble roots, this quote would absolutely be ideal coming indigenous him. Alas, it likely should be credited to English novelist William Makepeace Thackeray. 

Did Abe to speak it? NO 

“It is not finest to swap equines while cross the river.” 

Perhaps did you do it heard this quote as “Don’t change horses midstream.” Regardless, the an interpretation is the same: Don’t make unwise or ill-conceived transforms when you’re already facing a challenge. That a popular saying amongst politicians to run for reelection. So, it need to come as no surprise the saying originated through Lincoln in self-deprecating remarks around his nomination to a 2nd term together President. 

Did Abe say it? YES 

“You can’t fool every the world all the time.” 

More often than not, you will do it hear the longer version the this quote, “You have the right to fool all the civilization some the the time, and some of the civilization all the time, but you can’t fool all the human being all the time.” and while this warning around deception is a precious one, it no come from ethical Abe. Fairly a variation of this quote originated v a French minister and also writer. 

Did Abe speak it? NO 

“There I prospered up.” 

If friend visit this area, you’ll most likely hear this quote a lot in recommendation to the 14 year Lincoln lived in Indiana. In fact, a an in similar way named play, Here I thrived Up, took pleasure in a successful run at Lincoln Amphitheatre in 2019. So, we’re happy come say that this quote is certainly genuine! The complete quote is featured in a publication by william Bartlett: “We reached our brand-new home about the time the State came into the union.

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It to be a wild region, with many bears and other wild pets in the woods. There I flourished up.” 

Did Abe speak it? YES 

More Lincoln Learning 

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