For Naruto fans, Sasuke Uchiha needs no introductions. Naruto, which is the “fourth best-selling manga seriesin history, selling 250 million copies an international in 46 countries,” features both the location character Naruto and also his alley turned adversary turned alley, Sasuke Uchiha.

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After a final battle with Naruto where he loses his arm, he lastly reconciles through Naruto and leaves Konoha (Leaf Village) to take trip the world. A journey to uncover himself, reflect ~ above his past and also future, and to escape from his mistakes and memories stemming native his brothers Itachi and his training. That decides to leave Naruto and also the town is the finest thing he deserve to do for him and also the village. So, as soon as does Sasuke come ago to Naruto?

Sasuke comes back in illustration #478 the Naruto Shippuden. The illustration is titled “The Unison Sign.” Sasuke have the right to not remain away indigenous Leaf town for good. He return to his beloved Leaf village once again after ~ the 4th Great Ninja war to assist protect the village from enemies. He never ever resides in the town again, just making brief stays and also appearances when needed.

Naruto is a ninja adventure story v so many plot twists, betrayals, friendships, and also fights that it’s sometimes tough to understand who is a friend and also who is one enemy. And both Naruto and also Sasuke have dealt with as allies and also enemies but they constantly seem to keep being component of every other’s lives.

In this article, we will look at the various times Sasuke has left and returned to Leaf village and the reasons why. We will additionally look at the relationship in between his long-time teammate, friend, and also enemy Naruto.

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Does Sasuke ever come earlier to the sheet Village?


He does return sometimes to the Leaf village throughout his journey to meet his household and aid the village when needed, yet he continues to be in the shadows and decides it’s ideal to safeguard the village from afar.

His love-hate connection with the village and Naruto as well as his past with his brother Itachi and also those that were associated in the Uchiha massacre room too deeply rooted in his mind for him to return to Leaf village for good.

Guilt about the methods he supplied to obtain his powers as well as all the crimes and also evil things he go to attain the power likewise makes the feel like staying far is better. However despite his feelings, that still has a link with the village and the human being living over there which is why he proceeds to hit to defend it indigenous enemies.

When does Sasuke come ago in Boruto?

Boruto, is the spin-off that Naruto and likewise the name of Naruto’s son. In these stories, Sasuke returns to the village when angry characters linked to his past teacher Orochimaru as soon as again threaten the safety and also peace the his village. He teams with Naruto and his own daughter Sarada come fight these enemies and protect his village. His opportunity to bond v his daughter and support Naruto brings him ago to the village.

There are additionally instances when he need to return to the town to help fight other intruders as soon as he meets Naruto’s kid Boruto.

Sasuke becomes Boruto’s mentor and also teaches him part fighting an abilities as well. Sasuke take away a liking to Boruto and decides to take him under his wing. They room partnered together as soon as Boruto’s father, Naruto is kidnapped and also must it is in saved. The trio Naruto, Boruto, and Sasuke team to try to defeat the Momishiki. They join pressures for the common great to attack and defeat external enemies.

However, in one more fight against the evil well-known as Jigen, the ninjas are unsuccessful and Sasuke retreats to the Leaf village despite having left Naruto sinner to the enemy.

Do Sasuke and Naruto come to be friends again?

Despite the ups and also downs and also roller coaster of events both personalities face in their lives, they seem to finish on good terms. They often cross paths, have significant battles with each various other and against each other, but in the end are true friends.

Not only do lock seem come reconcile after the final fight where Sasuke loser his arm, yet even though Sasuke doesn’t go back to the town for good, he is always there to help the town and his girlfriend Naruto.

And the most undeniable factor why Sasuke is certainly considered Naruto a girlfriend is checked out in the Borotu spin-off. Not only does that consistently uncover information and provide it to Naruto to assist keep the city safe, however he additionally decides come mentor Naruto’s son. More like a brother to Naruto and also uncle to Boruto, Sasuke dangers his life and goes turn off to fight enemies to more strengthen the shortcut of the two friends.

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Whether you space a fan of Naruto or Sasuke, it can not be said that Sasuke is an essential character in the story and component of the reason why Naruto is the method he is. Without Sasuke, Naruto can never completely reach his potential and vice versa. Naruto and Sasuke room two personalities that job-related together and versus each various other to form their true last temperaments. And whether Sasuke is a hero or a villain can be ambiguous but what is for certain is that he is certainly a deep, strong-willed, sensitive, and true character.