Lithonia"s Willaim Chaney (left) makes one of his 3 receptions versus Salem. Xavier "Deuce" butler (right) provides a run against Lithonia in Salem"s 12-0 win last Saturday. (Photos through <...>

Cedar Grove"s Jamarcus Harper (with ball) scored three touchdowns to command the Saints come a 20-8 win over Stephenson. (Photo through Bruce James) A fight of undefeated groups <...>

Stephenson"s Jayden McGee (left) and Cedar Grove"s D"Corey Holt (right) assisted lead their groups to huge wins in their season openers. The two teams face off in a huge <...>

2020 DCSD center School Basketball Championships Boys" Champion -- Salem Lions Jadan Baugh score 34 points and also grabbed 10 rebounds to lead the Salem Lions to a 51-35 <...>

2020 DCSD center School Basketball Championships Girls" Champion -- Tucker Lady many tigers The Tucker Lady Tigers obtained 30 points native Malaya Jones ~ above the way to a 43-32 <...>

2020 DCSD center School Basketball Championships Boys" Consolation Winner -- Columbia Eagles The Columbia Eagles outscored the stone Mountain Pirates 30-20 in the second half to clinch a <...>

2020 DCSD middle School Championships Girls" Consolation Winner -- Chapel Hill Lady Panthers The Chapel Hill Lady Panthers came ago from a 17-point halftime deficit to loss the <...>

The 2020 DCSD center School Basketball Championships start with girls" consolation game at 10:00 am at müller Grove High college on Saturday. Boys" consolation, girls" championship and boys" championship <...>

middle School Basketball Championships moving into semifinals on Wednesday minus both defending champs. The 2020 DeKalb County school District middle School Basketball Championships move into the semifinals on <...>

One defending champion left as DCSD center School Basketball Championships move right into the quarterfinals. One defending champion maintained its really hopes for a repeat alive as the DeKalb county <...>

2020 DCSD middle School Basketball Championships gain underway on Wednesday with an initial round gamings at miscellaneous sites. Tournament action gets underway at various sites ~ above Wednesday in the <...>

Champion knocks turn off last undefeated boys" team in Salem. Two games left in continual season. As the 2020 DeKalb County middle school basketball season moves right into its final <...>

Sequoyah division 89-game shedding streak through 16-13 victory over rock Mountain. The Sequoyah Lady Chieftains middle school girls’ basketball team broke an 89-game losing streak with a trembling <...>

Defending champs Lady Chargers press win streak to five games. Champion winner the DeKalb County middle School girls’ basketball title last year and after one 0-2 start have actually <...>

The 2020 DCSD center school basketball season is closeup of the door in ~ above the halfway mark. Groups are currently jockeying for a high seeds in the championship tournament. Salem travel <...>

seven teams turn off to hot 3-0 starts led by both müller Grove teams as middle school basketball heads right into Week 3. Three games into the 2019-20 DCSD middle <...>

The 2020 middle school basketball season acquired underway v 14 schools tipping off last Saturday. The 2020 DCSD middle school basketball season got underway critical Saturday as teams <...>

The Champion Chargers completed an historical season because that the football regime as they organized on against the Cedar Grove Saints for 14-6 victory to catch the DCSD Trail come the <...>

Cedar Grove"s Demarcus blacksmith (1) scores the Saints only touchdown. Stephenson"s Tyrone Etienne return an interception 95 yards for the Jaguars lone score. (Photos by mark Brock) The <...>

The Stephenson Jaguars put on a overcoming defensive display on the way to upsetting the previously undefeated miller Grove Wolverines to open the DCSD middle School Trail come the location <...>

Basketball, football, track and also cheerleading are readily available at the middle school level to offer seventh and also eighth graders the chance to get involved in strong endeavors.

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County championships are offered in football, basketball and also track. The Trail come the title football championship dates earlier to 2004 as soon as the institution district implemented a soccer playoff to determine a ar champion. The Trail to the Title features a three round playoff entailing eight groups (four an ar champions and runners-up). The Championship game is played at James R. Hallford Stadium.

The basketball championship competition moves right into its 15th season this winter (2014-15). Champions room crowned in both boys’ and also girls’ play. The tournament has a play-in ring (8 groups vying for four spots in the key draw) and also then a four round main attract featuring title and consolation games.

Track has actually a regular season schedule which ends in the Boys’ and also Girls’ county Championships at the end of the season. Every teams space eligible to get involved in the championship meets.

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Following the season, athletic programs room evaluated on their breakthrough in the article season and also their play in the continual season to recognize the most outstanding middle school strong program. The winning program is forgive the DeKalb County center School All-Sports compensation which is entering its 9th season in 2015-16.