How carry out I uncover out once my Runescape account to be created?

Find the end the precise day your account to be Created!

Log into your account and also go come ‘Hans’ who have the right to be uncovered in the Lumbridge castle courtyard. If her account is much less than five years climate you will acquire a article in her chatbox telling you the variety of days left till you can claim the 5 year veteran cape.

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How do you check your time play on Runescape?

Old college Time played Hans will now let you know your time play on Old institution RuneScape. Friend can find him wandering the grounds of Lumbridge castle, speak to him and he will let you know.

How long does Runescape save your account?

Inactive accounts room deleted after 5 years of their last login now – uneven you to be a Player Moderator at any allude and time, or if you had actually longer 보다 3 year of membership (Not consecutively).

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How carry out you check your account creation date?

Talk come Hans in the Lumbridge courtyard ~ above OSRS. IIRC RS3 doesn’t right now have a means to inspect the actual date. You can inspect the quantity of hrs you’ve played but unless you produced your account top top a specific patch day climate it’ll be difficult for older accounts to decide the exact day. You can examine with Hans ~ above RS3.

Where to uncover Hans in RuneScape to check time?

Can additionally in enhancement to runemetrics, uncover Hans in the lumbridge castle and also one that the dialogue alternatives tell you how long you’ve to be on and how long back you made her account. Thanks! i forgot around Hans