The English an interpretation of Duran is Oran, Algeria. The surname Duran is that Spanish,Arabic origin. over there are countless indicators the the name Duran might be that Jewish origin, create from the Jewish areas of Spain and also Portugal.

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When the Romans conquered the Jewish nation in 70 CE, much of the Jewish populace was sent right into exile throughout the roman inn Empire. Many were sent to the Iberian Peninsula. The about 750,000 Jews life in Spain in the year 1492 were banished indigenous the country by royal decree of Ferdinand and also Isabella. The Jews the Portugal, to be banished several years later. Reprieve native the banishment decrees to be promised come those Jews who converted to Catholicism. Though some converted by choice, many of this New-Christian switch were called CONVERSOS or MARRANOS (a derogatory term for converts meaning pigs in Spanish), ANUSIM (meaning "coerced ones" in Hebrew) and CRYPTO-JEWS, as they secretly continued to exercise the tenets that the Jewish faith.

Our research study has found that the family members name Duran is cited through respect come Jews & Crypto-Jews in at least 16 bibliographical, documentary, or digital references:

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Finding our Fathers: A Guidebook to Jewish Genealogy, by Dan Rottenberg

In this work-related Dan Rottenberg shows exactly how to carry out a successful search because that probing the storage of living relatives, by evaluating marriage licenses, gravestones, delivery passenger lists, naturalization records, birth and death certificates, and also other public documents, and also by spring for ideas in household traditions and customs. Supplementing the "how to" instructions is a overview to part 8,000 Jewish household names, offering the origins of the names, resources of information about each family, and the surname of related households whose histories have been recorded. Various other features contained a country-by-country guide to tracing Jewish ancestors abroad, a perform of Jewish family background books, and a guide to researching genealogy.

The Inquisitors and also the Jews in the brand-new World, through Seymour B. Liebman. Reports the surname of world who showed up before the inquisition in the new Spain

Except for a quick introduction, the entire book is a listing that Inquisition documents in the new World. This is a source for converso names in the brand-new World.

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A background of the Jews in Christian Spain,Volume 2, by Yitzhak Baer.

Traces the economic, social, legal and political life of the Spanish Jewish neighborhood from the 11th century re-conquest that Iberia indigenous Muslim preeminence to the expulsion of 1492. Based on many year of research in the Spanish archives by a Professor from The Hebrew college in Jerusalem, Israel.

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Crisis and also Creativity in the Sephardic World: 1391-1648,edited by Gampel.

This book explores antecedents,causes, mechanics and aftermath of the 1492 expulsion indigenous Spain and lists Sephardic movers and shakers during the period.

History that the Jews in Aragon, regesta and also documents, 1213-1327, Hispania Judaica, v.1,by Jean Regne

A collection of royal decrees by the residence of Aragon.The around 3800 documents consisted of in this book contain Sephardic surname recorded throughout the period from 1213 come 1327.By this time family names were well developed.

This is the richest documentary evidence ever before published top top Jews of any land. The Documents and also Regesta native the Archives that Aragon, originally published in countless volumes the the Revue des Ĕtudes Juives some five decades earlier and now lugged together because that the an initial time, said the story of among the many important and fascinating middle ages communities, one i m sorry produced an excellent scientists linguists, translators and also writers, financiers and also businessmen, politicians and also diplomats, scholars and also Rabbis. Yet, the account remains essentially the life story of simple men and women from all classes and all go of life. The comprehensive indexes and also carefully - prepared tables, maps and glossary open new avenues for further historical research study on the way they lived, the laws which administrate them and the substantial lore which they produced.

Jean Regne(1883-1954) was an archivist and paleographer who released several historical works yet his book on the Jews that Aragon based on the registers and documents uncovered in the Crown that Aragon Archives is certainly the most important.

Secrecy and also Deceit: The religion of the Crypto-Jews, through David Gitlitz

Despite the increased attention offered to Hispano-Jewish topics, and the "conversos" or Crypto-Jews in particular, this is the very first thorough compilation of your customs and practices. The author has culled from Inquisition documents and also other resources to paint a portrait of the richness and also diversity that Crypto-Jewish practices in Spain, Portugal, and the brand-new World. The background of Spanish Jews, or Sephardim, stretches ago to biblical times. The Jews the Spain and also Portugal made developmental contributions to every Hispanic cultures, the influence of i m sorry is very first being measured and recognized today. The Sephardim competent a golden e in Iberia between 900-1100, during which they acted as the intermediaries in between the rival political and social worlds the Islam and Christianity. This golden age ended through the Reconquest the Spain through Catholic overlords, though for an additional 300 years the Jews ongoing to contribute to Iberian life. In 1391 and also again in 1492, intense and violent society pressures were placed upon the Jews to join the bigger Christian community. Many Jews converted, regularly unwillingly. In 1492 the continuing to be Jews were exiled native Spain. The convert Jews (Conversos) became an underclass in Spanish society. Many of castle clung tenaciously come Jewish methods in the confront of torture and also death in ~ the hand of the Inquisition. Having actually lost contact with various other Jews, this people emerged a religious beliefs which was an admixture the Catholic and Jewish rituals. David Gitlitz examines these methods in detail and also attempts to answer the concern of even if it is the Conversos were in fact Jewish. Gitlitz"s research is exhaustive. He has combed through hundreds of Inquistion records, mirroring that a sense of "Jewishness" if no Jewish exercise remained a core worth of countless Spaniards" lives well right into the 1700s. Gitlitz is convincing in showing that the Inquisition unwittingly aided crypto-Jews in perpetuating us by publishing Edicts that Faith. Essentially checklists for informers, they explained the actions of "Judaizers" (sometimes the practices detailed were absurd or simply erroneous). These, ironically, were offered by Judaizers as guides to spiritual behavior. The is revealing that together the Inquisition faded, crypto-Judaism waned, despite never entirely vanished. Gitlitz"s knowledge and research ~ above the subject is encyclopedic. The book is created in a "textbook" layout which renders it somewhat technical and dry, though it is enlivened through excerpts indigenous Inquisition records, i beg your pardon Gitlitz has actually apparently liked for your interest, irony, unintended comedy, or spiritedness. The is daunting to imagine that human beings would face the tortures of the rack for not eating pork. That these exact same tortured world could summon the will certainly to laugh at your executioners is something wondrous. The book includes the names of the Sephardim (and occasionally their resident too).

Sangre Judia (Jewish Blood) by Pere Bonnin. Flor de Viento, Barcelona, 2006. A perform of 3,500 names provided by Jews, or assigned to Jews through the divine Office (la Santo Oficio) the Spain. The list is a result of a census of Jewish neighborhoods of Spain by the Catholic Church and also as uncovered in Inquisition records.

Pere Bonnin, a philosopher, journalist and also writer from Sa Pobla (Mallorca), a descendant of convert Jews, settles v this job-related a blame "owed come his ancestors", in his very own words. The book, created in a personal and obtainable style and based on many sources, consists of a testimonial of basic Jewish concepts, Jewish history in Spain, and also Christian Anti-Semitism. Over there is also a section that concentrates on the reconciliation in between the Church and also Monarchy and the Jews, which took location in the 20th Century. In this study, Bonnin deals in depth through the issue of surnames of Jewish origin. In the prologue, the writer explains the rules he complied with in the phonetic transcription of surnames of Hebrew origin that are mentioned in the book. The researcher cites the Jewish origin, sometimes recognized and other time controversial, of in history prominent numbers (like Cristobal Colon, Hernan Cortes, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and also many others) and links in between surnames that Jewish beginning with some principles in Judaism.. The book additionally includes an postposition with much more than three thousands surnames "suspected" of being Jewish, since they appear in censuses of the Jewish communities and also on the Inquisitorial perform of suspected practitioners of Judaism, as well as in other sources. In the chapter "Una historia de desencuentro", the author elaborates top top surnames that Jewish origin of the royalty, nobility, artistocracy, clergy, and additionally of writers, educators and also university teachers throughout the Inquisition. Special attention is offered to the "Chuetas" that Mallorca, the birthplace of the author.

Sephardic names indigenous the magazine "ETSI". Many of the names are from (but not restricted to) France and also North Africa. Released by Laurence Abensur-Hazan and also Philip Abensur.

ETSI (a Paris-based, bilingual French-English periodical) is devoted exclusively to Sephardic genealogy and is published by the Sephardi Genealogical and also Historical culture (SGHS). It was started by Dr. Philip Abensur, and his professional genealogist wife, Laurence Abensur-Hazan. ETSI"s worldwide base of authors publish articles identifying a broad spectrum the archival material of prominence to the Sephardic genealogist. A valuable feature of ETSI is the listing, ~ above the back cover, of all Sephardic family names, and places the origin, quote in the short articles contained in each issue

From the civil records of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Amsterdam Municipal Archives own a complete set of it is registered of intended marriages from 1578 come 1811, the year as soon as the existing Civil Registry was started. Between 1598 and also 1811, 15238 Jewish couples were gotten in in this books. Both the variety of records and the volume the data that may be extracted from them are unprecedented.

indigenous the interment register that Bethahaim Velho Cemetery, published by the Jewish Historical society of England and transcribed by R. D. Barnett.

The register gives us days for the burials in the "Bethahaim Velho" or Old Cemetery. The dates are listed as per the Jewish calendar.

History the the Jews in Venice, through Cecil Roth

In this work, Cecil Roth covers the lengthy course of Italian-Jewish background extending from pre-Christian times, comprising in a level every side of the development of Jewish life in Europe. Has a large store of facts tracing regional variations end a period of 2000 years.

Dicionario Sefaradi De Sobrenomes (Dictionary of Sephardic Surnames), G. Faiguenboim, P. Valadares, A.R. Campagnano, Rio de Janeiro, 2004

A bilingual (Portugese/English)reference book of Sephardic surnames. Includes brand-new Christians, Conversos, Crypto-Jews (Marranos), Italians, Berbers and also their history in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Consists of over 16,000 surnames gift under 12000 entries, with hundreds of rare photographs, family shields and also illustrations.It additionally contains a 72-page an introduction of Sephardic history, before and after the expulsion indigenous Spain and Portugal, and also a 40-page linguistic essay about Sephardic names, including an interesting list the the 250 most regular Sephardic surnames. The duration covered by the dictionary is the 600 years, from the 14th to the 20th century, and the area covered includes Spain and Portugal, France, Italy, Holland, England, Germany, Balkans, central and eastern Europe, the previous Ottoman Empire, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, phibìc America, central America and also the Caribbean, south America and also more.

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Ruth Reyes, "Sephardic family members Names indigenous Puerto Rico", The Casa Shalom Journal, Volume 10, released by The Institute because that Marrano-Anusim Studies, Gan Yavneh, Israel 2008

This perform is compiled indigenous a catalogue the writer found ~ above a visit come Puerto Rico in the Museum of mountain Juan.

Sephardic family members Trees found in Jewish Encyclopedias through Mathilde Tagger

Family trees discovered in The Jewish Encyclopedia (NY 1901-1904) or Encyclopaedia Judaica (Jerusalem, 1972)

Around the 12th century, surnames started to become common in Iberia. In Spain, where Arab-Jewish affect was significant, these new names retained their old initial structure, for this reason that countless of the Jewish surnames to be of Hebrew derivation. Others were straight related to geography locations and also were acquired as result of the forced wanderings led to by exile and persecution. Other family names to be a an outcome of conversion, once the family welcomed the name of their Christian sponsor. In many cases, the Portuguese Jews be afflicted with surnames that pure Iberian/Christian origin. Many names have been adjusted in the food of migrate from nation to country. In however other cases "aliases", or totally brand-new names, were adopted due to are afraid of persecution through the Inquisition.

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