This web page is because that the original video game Boy development versions that Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.For the Nintendo 3DS remakes, visit my PokémonOmega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Walkthrough.

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Mt. Pyre

After finding out Team Aqua/Magma blocking the method to route 123, you need to go to course 122, wherein you uncover Mt. Pyre.


Catch Pokémon

On the an initial through 3rd floors of Mt. Pyre, if you space playing Sapphire or Emerald, you will certainly encounterShuppet. In Ruby, you will certainly encounter Duskull. ~ above the fourth through 6th floors,you have a small chance that encountering the other type (Duskull in Sapphire/Emerald,Shuppet in Ruby).

Mt. Pyre 1F

In the an initial floor the Mt. Pyre, over there is one old woman in the northeast corner who gives you a clean Tag.

If you go west, over there is an exit to the outside, but very first you should go to the door in the middleof the back wall so friend can check out the inside of Mt. Pyre.

Mt. Pyre 2F

On this floor, you can battle Pokémaniac Mark. In Ruby and also Sapphire, he has actually a Lairon, and in Emerald,he has actually a Rhyhorn. Also on this floor, friend can fight Young couple Dez and also Luke, who have a Delcattyand a Manectric.

In the southwest edge of this room, you find an Ultra Ball.

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If you loss into the hole, you will go back to 1F.

Mt. Pyre 3F

On this floor, you uncover Psychic Kayla, who in Ruby and also Sapphire has actually a Kadabra. In Emerald, she hasKadabra, Wobuffet, and Natu, and she can do a twin Battle v Pokémon Breeder Gabrielle,who has actually Skitty, Zigzagoon, Poochyena, Lotad, Seedot, and also Taillow. Over there is also Psychic William,who in Ruby and Sapphire has actually Ralts and also Kirlia. In Emerald, he has two Ralts and also a Kirlia, and he mightjoin Gabrielle in a double Battle.

On the west next of this room, there is a super Repel.

Mt. Pyre 4F

On this floor, girlfriend can fight Black Belt Atsushi, who in Ruby and Sapphire has Makuhita, Machoke,and Hariyama, and in Emerald just has Hariyama.

There is an object in the southwest corner, but you have actually to loss from over to acquire it.

Mt. Pyre 5F

On this floor, in Ruby and also Sapphire, there is Hex lunatic Tasha, who has actually Shuppet and Kadabra.

Mt. Pyre 6F

On this floor, you find Hex lunatic Valerie, who has a Sableye. In Emerald, she can joinPsychic Cedric in a dual Battle. He has a Wobbuffet.

Go to the bottom fifty percent of the room to discover TM30 shadow Ball, a powerful Ghost type move.

After you gain the TM, walk to the left and fall right into the hole.

Mt. Pyre 5F, component 2

Walk come the right to uncover a Lax Incense.

Go come the right, and also walk ~ above the bottom hole.

Mt. Pyre 4F, part 2

Go come the left to find a Sea Incense, then autumn into the hole.

Continue going downward till you are in the an initial floor of Mt. Pyre again. Go to the left next of the roomand to walk downward the end the door wherein the red carpet is.

Mt. Pyre, Outside

Outside, you have the right to encounter Wingull and Vulpix in the grass. In Ruby and Sapphire, girlfriend can discover Meditite. In Ruby, you can discover Duskull, and in Sapphire and also Emerald you can find Shuppet.

Go east until girlfriend reach part stairs. Go up the stairs and go west. Go down the stairs top top the means to findTM48 ability Swap.

Go northwest and also continue going increase the mountain. Soon, there will certainly be mist in the air.

After it becomes misty and also you watch gravestones nearby, walk northeast to get a Max Repel.Go west from there and through part grass to reach a lone gravestone. Examine on that to obtain a hiddenMax Ether.

Go northwest to find another gravestone by itself. Inspect on it to discover a hidden Ultra Ball.

Go south and also then east, then go north increase the stair to with the next area.

Mt. Pyre, Summit

In this area, friend can find Shuppet, Duskull, and also Chimecho (rare).

To the north, you discover a Team Aqua/Magma grunt. Make sure that you space a pair of squares far fromthe grunt as soon as he sees you, because you want to do him walk far from the side. That way, afterthe battle, you deserve to walk with the route that he was blocking. In Ruby and also Sapphire, this grunt has threeZubats. In Emerald, he has Carvanha.

After battling the grunt, walk with the course that he to be blocking. The southwest gravestone has actually a hiddenZinc.

Keep going north up the mountain. In Ruby, the next grunt has Poochyena and also Numel. In Sapphire,the grunt has Poochyena and Carvanha. In Emerald, the grunt has actually Zubat.

Go north again. In Ruby, this grunt has actually two Numels. In Sapphire, he has two Carvanhas. In Emerald,there are two grunts, one who has a Poochyena and also Carvanha, and also another who has actually Wailmer and also Zubat.They can team up because that a twin Battle.

In the northeast corner, friend can find a surprise Rare candy in the farthest piece of grass.

Go come the really top of the mountain. Archie/Maxie is there, and says that he took an Orb native the topof Mt. Pyre. He and Team Aqua/Magma will leave. The old mrs will give you the other Orb (or theMagma Emblem in Emerald). The old man will tell you the story of the 2 Legendary Pokémon that Hoenn.

When you room done, you can leave Mt. Pyre.


In Emerald,go to Jagged Pass. You deserve to use the Magma Emblem to open the Magma Hideout in Jagged Pass. Go with thehideout and battle Maxie at the end, then leave the hideout.

Ruby, Sapphire, and also Emerald

Go to Slateport City.

Slateport City

In Slateport, you can find Captain Stern external of a building. Talk to him, and also eventually you willsee Team Aqua/Magma steal something. Castle tell girlfriend to discover them at their hideout in Lilycove City,so walk there now.

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Lilycove City

In Lilycove City, walk to the east side the town and Surf to the cave. Go inside. In Ruby, girlfriend willfind the Magma Hideout. In Sapphire and also Emerald, friend will discover the Aqua Hideout.