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i beg your pardon Wig candidate beat Martin valve Buren because that president by illustrating himself as a male of the people?A. Man TylerB. Andrew JacksonC. Man Quincy AdamsD. William Henry Harrison
Which group was forcibly relocated by way of the "Trail of Tears"?A. MexicansB. ShoshoneC. African slavesD. Cherokee
Which americans benefited most from the Tariff of 1816?A. FarmersB. ConsumersC. ManufacturersD. Shipping carriers
The Monroe theory was mostly a an answer toA. The conflict over admitting slave says to the UnionB. The interest of European nations in creating nests in North and South AmericaC. The must strengthen the nationwide economy regardless of sectional differences.D. Fighting between western settlers and also Native americans
Andrew Jackson"s "pet banks" contributed to the scare of 1837 byA. Lending money to members of conference at reduced rates than they did to othersB. Printing document money the was no backed up by gold and silverC. Making risky loan to factory owners in brand-new EnglandD. Calling in loans made come state federal governments
The principle of states" legal rights was enthusiastically sustained byA. John MarshallB. Daniel WebsterC. Andrew JacksonD. Man C. Calhoun
The American device helped bring the country together byA. Preserving the balance between slave claims and complimentary statesB. Withdrawing funds from the unpopular bank of the USC. Giving typical people across the country a voice in the nationwide gov.D.creating a better transportation network come facilitate the exchange of goods
Andrew Jackson offered the power of the presidency toA. Affect Supreme Court decisions in i m sorry he was interestedB. Fire numerous federal officials and also appoint loyal followers in their places.C. Raise tariffs to to fill the government treasury v fundsD. Identify the land cases of the Cherokee nation
i m sorry of the adhering to was responsible because that the US obtaining Florida?A. Monroe DoctrineB. Indian removal ActC. Adams-Onis TreatyD. Missouri deteriorate
Which development led come a sharp climb in the number of slaves imported come the southerly US?A. The cotton ginB. Interchangeable interchangeable partsC. Steam-powered machineryD. The canal device
who began the practice of replacing high ranking members the the executive, management branch once a new president bring away office?A. James MonroeB. Andrew JacksonC. Martin valve BurenD. Man Quincy Adams
The Whig Party, created in 1834, supportedA. Safety tariffs and a commonwealth banking systemB. Pets banks and a nationwide currencyC. States" rights and also nullificationD. Increased voting rights and Indian removal
What to be Jackson"s an answer to the Worchester vs. Georgia case?A. Asked to view the evidence againB. Supportive of the rulingC. Argued against rulingD. Sided with Worchester
the can be fried Court decision in MuCulloch v. MarylandA. Claimed that MD had the appropriate to taxes the financial institution of the USB. Declared the financial institution of the united state unconstitutionalC. Sustained the state federal governments over the national gov.D. Strengthened the commonwealth government"s regulate over the economic climate

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