Refusal Skills

Description that the Skill

The purpose of refusal skills is to provide youth the capability to say NO to unwanted sexual developments or risky situations. Over there are number of essential contents to an efficient refusal or NO statement. Youth need to understand the components that consist of an effective NO before they observe or practice the skills. Below are the four essential contents of an effective NO: Use the word NO.

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over there is no substitute. Everyone understands the definition of the word NO. Effective use: "NO, girlfriend can"t copy my homework." (direct NO) Ineffective use: "I don"t know. You really shouldn"t copy homework." (weak NO) Give a strong nonverbal NO message. over there are many body activities that have the right to support a linguistic NO message. Because that example: Hands turn off gesture: use hand or arm movements for emphasis. Stiff body: Sit or stand stiffly. Stomp away from the other human if you have to. Serious expression: usage an "I average it" face. Other human body movements: Cross arms and legs for emphasis. Fight back: If every else fails, push the human away and protect yourself. Effective use: Arms overcome or hand top top hips while saying, "NO, friend can"t copy my homework." Ineffective use: Slouching and also handing over homework if saying, "You really shouldn"t copy mine homework, yet you deserve to look at it." Use a firm ton of voice to support the NO message. The way you say something often gives a stronger article that the words girlfriend use. Effective use: usage a certain voice when saying, "NO, girlfriend can"t copy mine homework." Ineffective use: use an unconvincing voice if saying, "I don"t know; you yes, really shouldn"t copy mine homework." Repeat the NO message as much as needed. Eventually, the person will get the article or offer up. Effective use: I said you when already, "NO, you can"t copy my homework." Ineffective use: Failing to repeat the message. Source: Safer Choices, starrkingschool.net Associates, Santa Cruz, CA, 1998.1

Demonstration the the Skill

Before youth can effectively practice the refuse Skill, they have to see each of the contents of the ability modeled or demonstrated. Here are part suggestions for modeling the skill. Mental young human being need to see many positive examples, no just poor examples of the skill. Evaluation each the the components of the refusal skill as it is defined above. Questioning for volunteers to state and act out examples of an effective and ineffective usage of each component. usage a video clip that displayed the refusal skill. Then have students define how the ability was used and what made that effective. A checklist of components is helpful here. using a scripted function play, show the refusal ability with a volunteer indigenous the class or group. Be sure that the function play models each of the four materials of a Refusal listed above. Have youth evaluate what castle saw and what make the NO effective. Ask castle to determine each the the four components. Scripted function plays deserve to be developed by youth or discovered in already published curricula.


Behavioral practice of the Skill

Once youth have actually seen the Refusal skill modeled number of times, lock are ready for individual behavior practice. Right here are a couple of suggestions for behavioral practice. If the group is small, strategy each youth with a different refusal situation and also have them exercise their refusalin prior of the entirety group. The team can give each youth feedback on how effectively they supplied the four contents of the Refusal. provide youth a homework assignment, questioning them to save a document for several days of as soon as they speak no to different instances in your lives. They must write under notes about the situation and also what parts of the Refusal ability they used and also whether the NO was efficient or not. Discuss the homework with the team reinforcing their successes and helping them improve their Refusal as soon as it didn"t work. NOTE: Be perceptible to youth"s confidentiality, allowing individuals to pass if lock aren"t comfortable sharing. Remember, that is difficult to obtain too lot practice when learning a new skill. Some civilization think the takes about 29 times prior to a habits becomes automatic. It is likewise important to exercise in countless contexts, specifically at house in real life.


To maximize your performance in to teach the refuse Skill, we imply you: Circulate among the pairs or little groups and coach people as castle practice, giving them tips for how to usage the four components of the refusal Skill. Begin with scripted function plays for practice so youth obtain used to making use of the words and non-verbal messages. As youth end up being comfortable, have them exercise without scripts. Debrief after ~ each exercise session identify what went fine and carry out coaching around the stumbling block or barriers. Connect the role plays to real life by making certain the situations and language offered are relevant and realistic. Ask youth for feedback and also make adjustments accordingly. The an ext they participate, the more they will learn and also be may be to apply the skill. Follow-up through the lesson several times over the next couple of months questioning youth just how they room using the refuse Skill, what is working and also what needs an ext practice. Provide added practice as is necessary.

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1 funded by the CDC"s department of Adolescent and also School Health, Safer Choices is an HIV, STD and also pregnancy prevention curriculum because that students in 9th and 10th grades. The curriculum is one component of a larger, multi-component school-based HIV intervention uncovered in a rigorous evaluation to be effective in reducing sexual risk-taking habits (Coyle, Basen-Engquist, Kirby, etal., under review),The Safer Choices regime is accessible from starrkingschool.net Associates (1-800-321-4407). For more information about the program, contact Karin Coyle, manager of Research, in ~ (831) 438-4060, ext.

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