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Central come the 1964 campaign was race relations, specifically with the passage of the landmark Civil legal rights Act the 1964, i beg your pardon Johnson signed into law in July and also which to be intended to finish discrimination based upon race, colour, religion, or nationwide origin. For many of the period since the finish of the American Civil war in 1865, the democratic Party overcame what came to be known together the “Solid South,” quickly winning Southern states in most presidential elections. Johnson’s assistance of civil rights legislation, however, began the process that would at some point push the south consistently right into the Republican column.


Barry M. Goldwater
Barry M. Goldwater, 1964.

During the feather Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace, an opponent of racial integration, had gone into primaries in a number of Northern claims in an initiative to show the existence of a northern white anti-civil legal rights “backlash” vote. Wallace won 30 percent or an ext of the autonomous vote in the Wisconsin, Indiana, and also Maryland primaries.

At the autonomous convention in so late August in Atlantic City, brand-new Jersey, Johnson was renominated, along with Minnesota Sen. Hobtration H. Humphrey as his to run mate. The convention, however, was the step of a major civil civil liberties controversy. The Mississippi Freedom democratic Party (MFDP), a largely African American group, tested the credentials of the all-white Mississippi consistent Democratic delegation (who had actually been elected in a discrimination poll). MFDP member and also black activist Fannie Lou Hamer—who previously had famously declared, “I’m sick and tired of gift sick and tired”—made one impassioned plea come the credentials committee:

U.S. Presidential choice of 1964: autonomous National Convention
Ticket for the 1964 democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, new Jersey.
Courtesy the Michael Levy

If the Freedom autonomous Party is no seated now, I question America. Is this America, the soil of the totally free and the home of the brave, where we have to sleep v our telephones off the hooks since our resides be endangered daily, because we desire to live as decent person beings, in America?”

A damage was resolved for the MFDP come take 2 seats, yet the MFDP refused, and also eventually most of the main Mississippi democratic Party delegation left the convention, because they refuse to support Johnson against Goldwater.

Goldwater made moral leadership a major theme the his campaign. In a move widely interpreted as an appeal to the “backlash,” Goldwater placed heavy emphasis throughout his campaign on lawlessness and crime in large cities. The Republican Party made small effort come court the vote of african Americans, and black voters would relocate in great numbers come the Democrats, giving Johnson his margin of win in claims such as Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Although international affairs had not to be a main issue in much of the campaign, American army involvement in Vietnam go weigh greatly on Johnson. During the primary project in California, Rockefeller cast the conservative Goldwater together a risky choice, questioning in a mailing, “Who perform you want in the room through the H-bomb button?” Resurrecting Rockefeller’s line of attack, the Democrats created the so-called Daisy ad, one of the most powerful television advertisements in presidential choice history, which proved a little girl in a ar picking flower petals. Together she counts up, a countdown starts that leads to a nuclear mushroom cloud, one allusion come Goldwater’s previous statements that nuclear bombs might be supplied tactically in Vietnam. The mushroom cloud was then complied with by Johnson’s voice, saying that “these room the stakes” in the election. The ad ran just once however synthesized in numerous people’s mental the watch that Goldwater was too excessive for the presidency.

When the votes were actors on November 3, Johnson beat Goldwater handily, winning by an ext than 15 million votes and also capturing 61 percent the the vote. The electoral vote dominance was even greater; Johnson won 44 states and also Washington, D.C., because that 486 electoral votes, when Goldwater won 6 states bookkeeping for 52 electoral votes. Goldwater did poorly in traditionally Republican areas, but, greatly on the communication of Goldwater’s opposition come the civil rights bill and his promotion of states’ rights, he lugged Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and also South Carolina, in addition to his home state of Arizona.

Lyndon B. Johnson campaign button
Button from lyndon B. Johnson"s 1964 U.S. Presidential campaign.
Encyclopædia starrkingschool.net, Inc.

For the outcomes of the vault election, see United says presidential election of 1960. Because that the outcomes of the succeeding election, see United says presidential election of 1968.

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Michael Levy

Results of the 1964 election

The results of the 1964 U.S. Presidential election are listed in the table.

American presidential election, 1964 presidential candidate political party electoral votes renowned votes
Sources: Electoral and also popular poll totals based upon data native the Office that the salesperson of the U.S. House of Representatives and Congressional Quarterly"s overview to U.S. Elections, fourth ed. (2001).
lindon B. Johnson autonomous 486 42,825,463
Barry M. Goldwater Republican 52 27,146,969
Eric Hass Socialist job 45,219
Clifton DeBerry Socialist employees 32,720
E. Harold Munn ban 23,267