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All facets are made of atoms.

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There are more than a hundred various atoms, but each element starrkingschool.netntains only one type of atom.
Atoms room what do one facet different indigenous another.
So what renders one atom different from another?
The Greeks assumed atoms can not be divided into noþeles smaller yet they to be wrong! Every atom can be separated into 3 different starrkingschool.netmponents - protons, neutrons and also electrons.
The nucleus, or center of an atom, is do of protons, (which have a positive electrical charge) and also neutrons, which space neutral (in other words, they have no charge).
Electrons, which have a negative charge, move around the centre of the atom.
Normally, the variety of electrons is equal to the number of protons, which provides atoms electrically neutral.
The variety of protons in one atom is the specifying feature of one atom. It"s what provides one element different indigenous another. The number of protons in one atom is called its atomic number. Oxygen atoms have actually 8 protons. For this reason the atomic number of oxygen is 8.
All the facets in the universe room arranged follow to their atomic number in the regular table.
Atomic mass
If you include together the variety of protons (or atom number) and also the number of neutrons in the cell starrkingschool.netre of an atom, you can calculate the massive of the atom. Helium (He), atom number two, has two protons and two neutrons. For this reason the fixed number because that Helium is 4.

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Atoms through the same number of protons but different number of neutron are dubbed isotopes. Uranium-238 and also uranium -235 room two different isotopes the uranium. Uranium- 238 has actually a mass number of 238. Uranium-235 has actually a mass number of 235. So uranium-238 has an ext neutrons 보다 uranium-235. Yet they are still both atom of uranium due to the fact that they have the same variety of protons.

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