Explanation: A metaphor is a number of decided that makes an implicitly or indirect comparison in between two things that aren"t obviously connected with every other. It is often used to assist to define a suggest or one idea. In the provided sentences the one the is the ideal example that a an allegory is "His hair to be a flowing gold river" that is to compare his hair with a flowing golden river, therefore we have the right to understand that his hair was blonde, soft and with movement.

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"That dancer is as graceful as a swan" or "He acts favor a bear in the morning" miscellaneous of the sort should answer your question! :


You are comparing two things each other. Because that example, the second quote, he isn"t actually a bear, he is just contrasted to one from his actions, looks and also feelings. A good example would certainly be, "This pie is heaven." The pie isn"t in reality heaven, this is simply implying the the pie tastes good.



Which of the adhering to lines has a simile? friend wet brown bag the a womani think that i shall never see/ a city lovely as a treebecause i could not protect against for death/ the kindly quit for mea tiny learning is a attention thing

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Read the excerpt from action 1 the a doll’s house. Mrs. Linde: yes, however your father provided you the essential funds. Nora: yes, the is what torvald and also all the others think, but— mrs. Linde: but— nora: papa didn"t provide us a shilling. It was i who procured the money. Mrs. Linde: you? all that huge sum? nora: 2 hundred and also fifty pounds. What execute you think that that? mrs. Linde: but, nora, how could you possibly carry out it? did you success a compensation in the lottery? nora: in the lottery? there would have been no credit in that. Mrs. Linde: yet where did you obtain it from, then? nora: . Hm, hm! aha! mrs. Linde: because you couldn"t have obtained it. Nora: couldn"t i? why not? mrs. Linde: no, a wife cannot borrow without her husband"s consent. Nora: oh, if that is a wife that has any head for business—a mam who has the wit to be a small bit clever— how does this excerpt best develop the design template that society places limits on the roles of women? 1.as a woman, nora is an alleged to do whatever it takes to save her husband, yet she can not act alone. 2.as a woman, nora can not borrow money, however she does therefore behind she husband’s back in order to conserve him. 3.as a woman, nora cannot talk about money with men, so she does not expose her action to her husband. 4.as a woman, nora is supposed to be flawless, therefore she need to hide from she husband any kind of mistake she makes.