Jehovah"s Witnesses think that Jesus to be a perfect person beingon Earth, however that he wasn"t divine.

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Unitarians believe that Jesus is the exemplary example of howhuman beings need to live their lives. They believe He was anexemplary male filled with magnificent inspiration. They perform not believeHe carry out miracles.

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Also, Muslims believe that Jesus to be a exorbitant Prophet, butdid not have divinity--as that would certainly go versus the strictMonotheism the Muslims and also Jews believe. They think he to be bornof a virgin, speak in the cradle, performed miracles... And also itappeared the he to be crucified, return God substituted Judas inhis place. (Looked choose Jesus though.) They also believe that Jesuswill come back in the finish of days.

If you are a follower of might of the sects o fChristianity, thisis what you would believe. But the united Church that Canada hastaken a contrary place on this topic. (Link)

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