Song empire founder, Emperor Taizu. Source:Wikipediaathttps://tinyurl.com/y8fl8gvo.

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This module to be developed and also utilized for a seventh-grade world history and geography class. That is designed come teach the Tennessee state social research studies standard 7.03"Summarize agricultural, commercial, and technological developments throughout the song dynasties, and also describe the function of Confucianism throughout the Song.” However, the module is perfect for a range of social research studies classes (grades 6th through ninth) that encompass Chinese history.

Estimated module length: around three fifty-five-minute classes


The reorganization that China under the Song empire (960–1279 CE) collection the stage for financial growth that pushed Song China into coming to be the richest nation in the civilization during the early component of the eleventh century. In spite of the truth that the dynasty lost northern China to non-Chinese invaders, prosperity continued during the southerly Song dynasty (1127–1279 CE). Technological advancements were far-ranging and helped readjust China and also the world. Just a few of these breakthroughs included enhancements in agriculture, advance of moveable type, uses for gunpowder, innovation of a mechanical clock, premium shipbuilding, the usage of document money, compass navigation, and porcelain production. Technological advancements, domestic and international trade, and effective federal government influenced and progressed Chinese society, bring about a population explosion throughout the track dynasty.

This module is draft to be implemented during the to teach of an imperial China or eastern Asia unit.


Students will:

Develop contextual understanding of the Song empire through contrasting the song with the Tang, another earlier an excellent earlier dynasty.

Demonstrate an expertise of the impacts of Song empire technologies, commerce, and trade ~ above Chinese and world background in the tenth v thirteenth centuries.

Investigate individual technical innovations throughout the tune dynasty.

Design and present multimedia presentations describing the influence and importance the technologies produced during the tune dynasty.

Interpret and also explain the cumulative effects and influences track dynasty breakthroughs made on China and also the civilization we live in today.

Prerequisite knowledge

Before start this module, students should have the ability to locate China ~ above a map and also know the two major rivers (the Yellow flow in north China and also the Yangtze in the south), in addition to the ar of the grand Canal. Lock should have the ability to define the adhering to terms: emperor, dynasty, technology, and commerce. Because Confucius’s principles were particularly important in track government, an understanding of few of Confucius’s ideas would be helpful, but are no required.

Module introduction

Lesson strategies

Introduction: Song dynasty technologies

Emperor Taizu (Zhao Kuangyin) was a military basic who conquered numerous Chinese territories, in effect reunifying China. This resulted in ending the unstable 5 Dynasties and also Ten Kingdoms periods, bringing about the song dynasty. The track dynasty’s floor area was substantially smaller 보다 the previous tang dynasty due to outside influences, such together the Manchurians and also Liao. The Song military was weak compared to various other dynasties, thus their focus ended up being securing areas of main China. Leaders determined to create Kaifeng as their capital rather 보다 Chang’an. This decision was a reflection of the dynasty’s circumstances and goals. The grand Canal do Kaifeng and later Hangzhou as northern, and later southern, Song resources the perfect complement for this goals. The Song’s emphasis was structure wealth and social solidarity. Whereas Buddhism to be a spiritual focus throughout the Tang and early song dynasties, a resurgence of Confucian concepts in the kind of neo-Confucianism emerged during the track dynasty.

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The an initial reading in this module reviews the power and also influence the Tang dynasty had during its existence. Students are asked to make connections with the flavor dynasty’s legacy and also the song dynasty’s goals. The warmup reading may be given as a homework assignment front to class No. 1.